Indonesia/Singapore 14-16 Nike Football Uniforms Design Leaked

October 24, 2013

Palembang (25 Oct 2013) — Here are the pictures of the design of Indonesia and Singapore  2014-2016 football uniforms made by Nike. These are leaked pictures, so we have to wait for the official launch to be sure. 





The new Indonesia 2014-2016 football uniforms is a stylish and a classic that celebrated  the 70th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independent at August 17, 1945. The PSSI (Football Association of Indonesia) commemorate the nation Independent by conveying the first football uniform which were red shirt with a white polo collar, white border on the sleeves and white horizontal chest stripe, with the Garuda Crest in the center, white shorts and red socks. The team wore this first uniform as a new nation of Indonesia when it play against India in March 4, 1951 at the Asian Games where they  were thrashed 3-0 by their opponent. Despite of the lost, the team learn great lesson and their uniform were symbolic of the new national football team of Indonesia. 

The home uniform of Indonesia is red with a green crew neck collar, modern green graphic fade stripe featured on the sleeves and a white chest stripe, with the  Garuda Crest in the center, white shorts and red socks.


The away uniform of Indonesia is white with a red crew neck collar, modern red graphic fade stripe featured on the sleeves and a green chest stripe, with the  Garuda Crest in the center, green shorts and white socks.


In line with Nike’s commitment to superior athletic performance and lower environmental impact, the fabric of the new kit’s shorts is made with 100 percent recycled polyester, while the fabric of the shirts is made with at least 96 percent recycled polyester.  Each kit is made using an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles.

The kit is constructed using Nike Dri-FIT technology to wick moisture and is made out of 23 percent lighter fabric with 20 percent stronger knit structure than Nike’s previous kits. The shirt also features laser-cut ventilation holes that promote localized cooling to help regulate players’ body temperature during a match.



Singapore’s new football uniforms represents the country football heritage and national symbols in a contemporary and stylish new design. Singapore have won four times at their regional competition (ASEAN Football Championship Cup which are AFF Suzuki Cup or Tiger Cup), 1998,2004,2007 and 2012. In 2004 Tiger Cup, Singapore wore their famous uniforms which they won as the winner of the tournament at that year. The FAS (Football Association of Singapore) want to bring back their famous jersey with little twist of modern 21 century elegant design. 






The new uniforms will be worn during the 2014 AFF Cup, the tenth edition of the ASEAN Football Championship, the football championship of Southeast Asia. It will be co-hosted by Singapore and Vietnam and will take place from November to December 2014.




2013 SEA Games: Muslim Athletes threatened by Buddhist Extremist

May 30, 2013

Yangon ( 5/30/2013) – Muslim Athletes from Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia are being threaten by Burmese Buddhist Extremist. The threat are very dangerous and unsafe. The Burmese Buddhist Extremist are in favor of no Muslims coming to Myanmar for the  2013 Southeast Asian Games in mid December. These Extremist has warned the public to harassed any Muslim that are in the street. In addition, these Extremist have also started Anti-Muslim movement which they destroy mosques, burn the Al-Quran, burn all the flag of Muslim’s Country and public beating of fellow Muslim Individual.


Mook Whait Sanko a leader of Pure Myanmar Buddhist (a Anti-Muslim group) spoke-person said  “We do not want any Muslim in our land no more. We are sick of them. We will do our best to remove these Muslim dog of our beloved country”


Pure Myanmar Buddhist a group of Anti-Muslim in Myanmar have shown large demonstration of Anti-Muslim propaganda which they claimed to torture Muslim Individual, destroying property of Muslim Individual and Mosques. The Pure Myanmar Buddhist have threaten Muslim Athletes from Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia not to come Myanmar at 2013 SEA Games because they do not want any Muslim to participated in any competition during the Southeast Asian Games. They felt that these Muslim are cheating at every competition and they have suspected that the Muslim Athletes use a superpower.


Japar Bin Bangkol of Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council, Rita Subowo of Komite Olahraga Nasional Indonesia, and Prince Tunku Imran of Olympic Council of Malaysia have expressed their concern to the official community of Myanmar 2013 SEA Games about the safety of all the Muslim athletes. Each of them want more body guards and securities for their athletes. If the official community of the SEA Games does not granted the safety of the Muslim Athletes, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia would dropped off from the 2013 SEA Games.


Zak Win Soe a general promoter event of 2013 SEA Games told us “We will try with all our power to keep all the athletes safe from being hurt or being in danger. It is not promise but we will maintain a safe environment at this year SEA Games”

The 2013 Southeast Asian Games opening ceremony will be on 11 December 2013.

AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 : Introducing New Format and China as invitee team

May 6, 2013

Kuala Lumpur (5/7/2013)- The ASEAN Football Federation have created new format for the the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup 2014. The new format will have three groups of four teams, with three group winners  plus the one best second-placed teams will qualify for the Semi-Finals. In addition, the whole tournament will play a double round robin for the group stage and two legged home and away matches for Semi-Finals & Final of the competition. Image

Brig Gen Khiev Sameth, a vice president of ASEAN Football Federation said this format will be a new thing to every teams and the tournament. This would be an interesting tournament to watch in our region and also it will give an opportunity to those teams that have not shown their skills in AFF Suzuki Cup.

We also invited China to this tournament so that we would have 12 even teams on the upcoming AFF Suzuki Cup 2014. China have always been a good friend to our region in Southeast Asian that all the countries from here have great relationship with them. I’m honored to have them aboard in AFF Suzuki Cup. We are looking forward to this AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 next year. We hope we could bring a lot of viewer and fans.

Jian Zhang, a vice president of China PR (Chinese Football Association) is pleased that his team are part of AFF Suzuki Cup 2014. Zhang said he would watch his team at this tournament and cheered for his team.


The official draw of  AFF Suzuki Cup will be on 12 July 2014 and The tournament will be slanted on 27 October to 9 December of 2014.  Both Singapore and Vietnam the host of these tournament will be providing three venues of stadiums each ( 6 venues stadiums in total).  Singapore Sports Hub Stadium & My Dinh National Stadium are the main venue,  Jalan Besar Stadium & Thong Nhat Stadium are the secondary stadiums and Bishan Stadium & Hang Day Stadium are third stadiums.

Philippines given green light to host next AFF Suzuki Cup

December 26, 2012


Kuala Lumpur ( 26 December 2012) – The Philippines Football Federation was given the right to bid to host 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup after ASEAN Football Federation accepted their letter of nominations.Philippines would host their first time of a biennial regional football tournament of Southeast Asia. Philippines and Singapore will not be hosting together because Singapore and Vietnam have already submitted their hosting application to ASEAN Football Federation. However, AFF have declared Philippines and Malaysia to join the bidding along with Singapore and Vietnam to host AFF Suzuki Cup 2014. This would be very interesting dual clash of the four countries becoming the next host of ASEAN Football Championship Cup( AFF Suzuki Cup). Only the AFF Committees would determined which of these two candidates will host the next tournament; the committees will vote at next AFF Council for session 2013 on the month of February. The Football Association of Malaysia and The Philippines Football Federation will need submit their hosting application to ASEAN Football Federation before on January 14, 2013.


 Philippines Football Federation (PFF) general secretary Edwin Gastanes said ” I’m very honored for AFF given us the green light to bid to host AFF Suzuki Cup 2014. This will be our first time to host a regional football tournament in here. This is good present after all and Malaysia is prefect counterparts” 







PFF and FAS to seek to host 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup

December 21, 2012

Kuala Lumpur ( 21 December 2012) – The Philippines Football Federation and Football Association of Singapore are bidding to host the 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup, a biennial regional football tournament of Southeast Asia. The Philippines will host their first time of Asean Football Federation (AFF) championship and Singapore a co-host of 1996 Tiger Cup ( formerly name of AFF Championship), 2002 Tiger Cup and 2007 AFF Championship Cup will host their fourth time of the biennial regional tournament.



Philippines Football Federation (PFF) vice-president Ismael Batiles said ” We want to bring AFF Suzuki Cup back home to the Philippines because football are becoming popular in here and the youth have participated a lot of football clinic. It really the  right time,  we  bring football as popular sports like basketball” . The Philippines national football team aka the Azkals are regional most improvement team. In 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup, the Azkals defeated Vietnam a champions of 2008 AFF Suzuki Cup at the group stage, it was one of the biggest upsets in the history of the tournament. The team reach the knockout stage for first time, eventually losing to Indonesia in the semifinals. The 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup, the Azkals also were in the semifinal, the first leg of semifinal Philippines were drawn to Singapore 0-0 at Rizal Memorial Stadium; Singapore won the semifinals though by winning the return leg in Singapore, 1–0.


Football Association of Singapore (FAS) general secretary Winston Lee said ” It’s good idea we come back as the host of this wonderful biennial football tournament. We already win the first leg of finals against Thailand 3-1 and i hope we could win the second leg of the final as the Champion of 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup.Philippines is very good team and I’m very delighted that we co-host with them.”


Both of the PFF and FAS leaders have agree to use their new stadiums, Philippines Arena and Singapore Sports Hubs as primary venue of 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup. Jalan Besar Stadium and Rizal Memorial Stadium would be the second venue.


Alcantara: Selecao Timor leste are ready more and ever

September 26, 2012

DILI( 26 Sept 2012) – Emerson Alcantara of Brazil is not recognizably coach but now he has been charged to lead the campaign for Timor Leste at AFF Suzuki Cup. Emerson started his coaching career in 2005 with a small club, Sport Clube Ipanema, before moving to XV de Piraciceabea a club playing in the Sao Paulo state championship. In 2011 to 2012, He took a job at North Stars FC of Trinidad and Tobogo and he is now focusing his talents on leading Timor Leste to the 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup qualification.



 Nacional Esportes novidades  de Timor Leste- NENTL  met up with the respected head coach , which got off to magnificent start when he led XV de Piraciceabea finished fourth in the regional league of Sao Paulo state championship in 2009.

NENTL: Let’s start by discussing your role as Timor Leste coach. How do you rate your side’s chances of qualifying for 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup?

Emerson Alcantara:  It’s the hardest task for the selecao to be at the moment.  However, I do believe in all my players because they will do their best to get qualify. We are prepared more than ever for this battle. We started our training in Dili since early July. We have no fear of any selection but respect them. I think the toughest to beat is Myanmar. Myanmar has good numbers of attackers and they are very strong team.

NENTL:  What strategy have you adopted for the qualifying campaign?

Emerson Alcantara:  We know the qualifiers are difficult and it requires the best possible preparation. Since arriving in Timor Leste, I’ve endeavored to change the mentality and strength of the players. I want them to understand that each match is important. I also want each of them to become a great player. I think all teams have chance to qualify and our goals is to get the 9 points or 7 points because when you do not play to win the minimum you have a draw.

NENTL: Do you think Selecao Timor Leste will win their opening match of qualifier against Cambodia?

Emerson Alcantara: As I said before, we are prepared more than ever for this battle. I believe 100% in all my players will do their best. We have no fear on Cambodia Selection but to respect them. In addition, we need to win this opening match in order to reach our goal which is getting 9 points or 7 points.



The AFF Suzuki Cup qualifier will start in one week less, Timor Leste will bring 28 players squad including star striker Murilo de Almeida who score three goals in the 2011 SEA Games.

The Timorese, who failed to qualify the AFF Suzuki Cup finals two years ago, will participate in friendly match with Indonesia team in Yangon, Myanmar on October 6.

Two year on 21 November 2010, Timor Leste was thrashed by Indonesia 6-0 while campaign friendly match in Palembang.

Selecao Timor Leste started their training camp in Dili on early July, which many oversea halfblooded players and local player participated.

Three players of oversea halfblooded players Leroy Guerreiro, Alan Leandro and Antonio Marcos Sousa missed the training camp due to their personal problem.

Timor Leste meets Cambodia in their opening clash on October 5 before taking on Myanmar, Laos and hosts Brunei.

The top two teams from the qualifiers will earn spots in the AFF Suzuki Cup to be held in Thailand and Malaysia from November 24 to December 22.

The winners will compete in the Bangkok-based Group A alongside three-time champions Thailand, 2008 winners Vietnam and the Philippines, while the second-placed team will join defending champions Malaysia, 2010 runners-up Indonesia and Singapore, triumphant in 1998, 2004 and 2007, for matches in Kuala Lumpur.



Timor Leste Squad:

Goalkeeper- Diamantino Leong, Emerson Cesario (Brazil), Ramos Maxanches, Julia Monteiro

Defender- Raul Isac (Australia), Nazario do Carmo, Welington Rocha (Brazil), Salvador Carlos, Ramon Saro (Brazil), De Jesus, Juvito, Miguel Santos Soares

Midfielder- Adelino Trindade, Paulo Helber (Brazil), Cipriano Branco, Entil, Jose Joao Pereira,  Asanco, Boavida Olegario, Diogo Rangel (Brazil)

Forward- Luzinho (Australia), Jesse Pinto (Australia), Anggisu Barbosa, Emilo da Silva, Quito, Jose Vides (Brazil), Murilo de Almeida (Brazil)



New Sovereign State in ASEAN ” Islamic Republic of Rahmanland” a Independent State of Rohingya People

August 8, 2012



Islamic Republic of Rahmanland

Motto:  الله أكبر   (Arabic)
Allahu Akbar  (transliteration)
God is the Greatest”

National Anthem: Our Motherland


Capital: Syahida ( Sittwe, Burma)

Ethnic groups ( 2012) : Rohingya 60%, Rakhine 30%, Chin 10 %


Government:  Presidential Islamic Republic Constitution ( proposed)

President: Amir Ilham Kamil

Vice President: Farid L Shyaid

Independence from Myanmar ( Burma) soon

Declare: 1 August 2012

Area: 16,042 km2


On last Wednesday, 1 August, 2012, President of Islamic Republic of Rahmanland, Amir Ilham Kamil announce their proclamation of Independent Sovereign State of the  Rohingya people. Amir Ilham Kamil a Rohingya native, is a  lawyer for the Association of Muslim Lawyers in the United Kingdom. He had serve many cases and he have been  a lawyer for  16 years.  Originally, Kamil was born in Mrauk U , Rakhine State of Myanmar on  June 17, 1971. Kamil have 5 siblings include himself.  Kamil’s father was a businessmen and a member  Mujahid party . The Mujahid party was founded by Rohingya elders who supported Jihad movement in northern Arakan in 1947.The aim of the Mujahid party was to create a Muslim Autonomous state in Arakan. They were much more active before the 1962 coup d’etat by General Ne Win. Ne Win carried out some military operations targeting them over a period of two decades. The prominent one was “Operation King Dragon” which took place in 1978; as a result, many Muslims in the region fled to neighboring country Bangladesh as refugees. Nevertheless, the Burmese mujahideen (Islamic militants) are still active within the remote areas of Arakan. The Kamil family leave Myanmar in 1975 to seek refuge in Bangladesh.  After  5 years past, the Kamil family were granted a British Citizenship by the help of British Human Right Activist.  Amir Ilham Kamil have live in London, United kingdom for 32 years and now he’s fighting for his own Independent Sovereign State of Rohingya People. 


A Draw with Persiba Bantul

August 2, 2011

( Bantul, August 3, 2011) – Timor Leste national football team have shown a great performance and they are able to draw with Persiba Bantul. Emmanuel Nonny  unshackle his team from lossing; he scored a goal at 74 minutes, at 10 minutes earlier he substituted for Sidonio Augusto De Jesus. Timor Leste selecao have surprised their opponent when they score early goal. Charles da Costa, a Bullen Lions of Australia’s striker manage breaking Persiba’s defense and contribute scoring early goal at 9 minutes. The table was turn when Udo Fortune score at 36 minutes; at the end of the first half of the match Persiba and Timor Leste was drawn. The second was resume. At 51 minutes another attack goal from Persiba had Timor Leste defense unsecured. Choirul Anam of Persiba Bantul who score a goal at 1 minutes. When the match end, Both teams was drawn, Persiba Bantul 2-2 Timor Leste. 500 crowds at the stadium were not expected that Persiba would draw with Timor Leste and they were very amazed at Timor Leste’s overall performance. ” That a great start for Timor Leste seleccao. I hope we could do better next times at Bandung when play against Indonesia U-21 at Timor- Indonesia Rivalry Cup, which is next week at August 8. ” said Antonio Carlos Vieira.


Date:  August 2, 2011

Location: Maguwoharjo Stadium

Time: 20:30- 22:20

Home: Red, Red, Red

Goalkeeper: Agus Marwanto

Defender:   Muhammad Ansori, Bruno Kasimir, Slamet Widodo

Midfielder: Seto Nurdiyantara, Ugik Sugiyanto ( Captain), Choirul Anam, Slamet Nurcahyo, Frit Revelino Imbiri

Foward: Udo Fortune, Busari

Sub: Hizkia Rambing (GK), Achmad Tofiq (DF), Anwardin (DF), Arwin (MF), Sigit Syahrial

Coach: Edward Tjong

Score: 2:2 ; Charles da Costa 9 min, Udo Fortune 36 min, Choirul Anam 51 min, Emmanuel Nonny 74 min

Away: White, White, White

11’s players ( Number, Position, Name, D.O.B, Clubs,)

1 GK- Adriano Quintao  April 30, 1984, U.S Latina Calcio ( Italy)

3 DF- Salvador Carlos April 18, 1986, Ad. Bobonaro ( Timor Leste)

8 DF- Afonso Carson May 16, 1987, Gwanju Gwangsan FC ( South Korea)

11 DF- Nazario Do Carmo Nov 9, 1992,  Ad. Dili Leste ( Timor Leste)

13 DF- Quico Denzel May 17, 1985, Internacional Dili ( Timor Leste)

4 MF- Cipriano Branco August  24, 1985, Sao Bernardo ( Brazil)

12 MF-  Entil ( Vincente Ramos Freitas) (Captain) Dec 28, 1985, Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste)

20 MF-  Sidonio Augusto De Jesus July 18, 1981, Grants Braes AFC ( New Zealand)

10 FW- Quito October 25, 1986, Ad. Dili Leste ( Timor Leste )

14 FW- Luzinho April 1, 1983, Casuarina FC ( Australia)

17 FW- Charles da Costa Feb 2, 1990, Bullen Lions ( Australia)

Substitutions ( Number, Position, Name, D.O.B, Clubs, Sub)

18 GK- Leonel Araujo July 5, 1986, FC Porto Taibesi  ( Timor Leste)

2 DF- Miguel Santos Soares July 4, 1984, Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste)

5 DF- Juvitu January 27, 1897 Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste) sub for # 13 Quico Denzel at 38 min

6 MF- Edgar Napoleon November 13, 1983, Bullen Lions ( Australia)

9 MF- Emmanuel Nonny November 26, 1986, Madiun Putra FC ( Indonesia) sub for # 20 Sidonio at 62 min

16 MF- Eusebio June 9, 1985, FC Porto Taibesi ( Timor Leste)

19 MF- Neymar Da Silva August 13, 1988, Atma Jaya FC ( Indonesia) sub for # 4 Cipriano at 24 min

7 FW – Emillio Da Silva ( Ary)  April 5, 1982, Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste) sub  for # 14 Luzinho at 53 min

15 FW-  Felipinho Nessa March 5, 1985, Portuguese Youth FC ( Malaysia)

Coach: Antonio Carlos Vieira

Yellow Card: Slamet Widodo (2)

Red Card: None

1 Referee:  Rosy Faulur (Indonesia),  Assistant Refrees: Joni Joni (Indonesia), Biian Aladin ( Indonesia),  Fourth Official: Yusril Lambatar (Indonesia)

Upcoming Match

Timor-Indonesia Rivaly Cup: Timor Leste vs Indonesia U-21  Augustus 8, 2011, Siliwangi Stadium

Timor Leste vs Samoa  August 29, 2011,  National Stadium of Timor Leste

F.A.S.T São Paulo a Timorese football club at Brazil.

July 13, 2011

( Dili,  July 13, 2011) – Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) and Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste (FFTL) are working together to developed a better football in Timor Leste by setting  a football club in Brazil. Marco Antonio Teixeira a General Secretary for CBF, ” We will put Timorese football club at  Campeonato Paulista Série A2 in São Paulo on first year ” He added, ” Timorese football club will have 5 years trial at Brazilian Football League ; In order to continued their stay at Brazilian Football League after 5 years, they have to qualify at Campeonato Brasileiro Série C or D “.  Osorio Florindo a vice president for FFTL is the chairman for Futebol Atletismo Sociais de Timorense  São Paulo ( FAST São Paulo).  Walter Mariano will be chairman partner of FAST São Paulo, he’s  successful businessman in São Paulo and a friend of Osorio Florindo. FAST  São Paulo will selected 50 players ( 25 for senior and another 25 for U-23 & Youth) in Timor Leste, also include oversea players who have the Timorese roots.  Gelasio Da Silva Carvalho a selected manager of FAST, ” We want to select the best players in Timor Leste and also including oversea players so they can do well at Brazilian Football League”.  FAST and FFTL have choiced Clodoaldo to be the coach of FAST and Jason Cabral ( former Portuguese player and coach) the assistant coach. Clodoaldo will only have two years contract with FAST but Jason Cabral have five years contract with FAST.  Osorio Florindo describe that FAST is a football club for Timorese national football team (Senior and U-23), this club will help to developed our player’s experience and performance out of the country. ” I believe FAST will be a great help in developing  football at Timor Leste and good preparation for ASEAN or Asian football competition ”  Osorio added.  FAST São Paulo will be sponsor and support by the businesses in Brazil and Timor Leste ; names of the sponsor Nike, Fabral, Timor Telcom, and Digicel, ( main sponsor) and Timor Air ( minor sponsor). FAST São Paolo’s home stadium will be located at Estádio Rua Javari. FAST São Paulo will start their competition in Campeonato Paulista Série A2  at 2012 season.

Data of FAST São Paulo:

Chairman: Osorio Florindo & Walter Mariano

Manager: Gelasio Da Silva Carvalho

Coach: Clodoaldo ( 2 years term)

Assistant Coach: Jason Cabral ( 5 years term)

League: Campeonato Paulista Série A2

Sponsor & Support : Nike ( Uniform),  Fabral & Timor Telcom ( sponsors name on jersey), Digicel and Timor Air

Home Kit:  Green, Green, Red

Away Kit: Red, White, Black

First Team Squad ( Senior Players):

GK 1, Leonel (Adi),  July 5, 1986

DF 2, Ed Dino, February 9, 1983

DF 3, Miguel Santos Soares, July 4, 1984

DF 4, Ameu Pinto, October 28, 1987

DF 5, Quico Denzel, May 17, 1985

MF 6, Cipriano Branco (vice captain), August 24, 1985

MF 7, Eusebio, June 9, 1985

MF 8, Jose Joa Pereira, October 9, 1981

MF 9, Edgar Napoleon, November 13, 1983

MF 10, Neymar Da Silva, August 13, 1988

FW 11, Emillo da Silva ( Ary), April 5, 1982

FW 12, Felipinho Nessa, March 5, 1985

FW 13, Abilio Do Rosario (Captain), January 3, 1984

Fw 14, Crisogno Boavida, December 3, 1984

GK 15, Eugenio, January 23, 1983

DF 16, Agus Suale, Augustus 7, 1988

DF 17, De Jesus, Augustus 10, 1987

DF 18, Franc Costil, June 5, 1988

MF 19, Vicente Ramos Freitas ( Entil), December 28, 1985

MF 20, Gil de Mesquita, July 12, 1987

MF 21, Nicolino Nilton, November 9, 1986

MF 22, Severino da Oliveira, February 2, 1986

FW 23, Joaquim Marques, March 16, 1987

FW 24, Marcelino Da Costa Fernandes ( Lino Fernandes),  September 15, 1987

GK 25, Rui Muakandala, May 8, 1986

Reserve Squad ( U-23 and Youth):

GK 1, Labut De Melo, May 8, 1990

DF 2, Fernando Carceres, March 21, 1989

DF 3, Jack Sarmento, September 10, 1992

DF 4, Leon Faria, July 27, 1993

DF 5, Raul Monterio August 15, 1990

MF 6, Lomberto Gama ( Captain), June 15, 1992

MF 7, Glory Correia, March 22, 1992

MF 8, Joao Paulo, June 5, 1990

MF 9, Oktoviano Viegas Tilman, October 13, 1990

GK, 10, Victor Jorge, December 5, 1992

FW 11, Asanco, October 7, 1991

FW 12, Emilio Olivyera, March 6, 1990

FW 13, Christian Wollnik, November 5, 1991

FW 14, Romario Gusmão, January 2, 1994

DF 15, Azu Felipe, April 3, 1990

DF 16, Francisco Sarmento, February 19, 1993

DF 17, Josh Bajikur, February 15, 1993

DF 18, Nazario, November 9, 1993

DF 19, Akao, February 12, 1993

GK 20, Tomas de Lani (vice Captain), January 15, 1993

MF 21, Fidel Santos, July 20, 1993

MF 22, Manel Marques, May 7, 1991

MF 23, Miguel Soarez, Augustus 5, 1991

FW 24, Charles Da Costa, February 2, 1990

FW 25, Roger Quinta, January 21, 1992

Timor Leste thrashed Guam U-23

June 28, 2011

(Darwin, AUS, June 28, 2011) An excellent performance  by Timor Leste Under-23 National Football Team who thrashed Guam’s defensed. Although Guam U-23 play well on the first half of the match, the team were unable to return and many mistakes were committed. On the hands, Timor Leste was surprised when Guam opened the first goal in 14 minutes by Scott Guerrero a midfielder.  Akao a Timorese midfielder take  avenged for his team by scoring a goal in 27 minutes.  Guam U-23 have miscommunication with their goalkeeper;  Edward Calvo tackle his opponent, haul the ball from them and he pass the ball to Kalen Lizama who was not concentrating during that moment. Edward kick the ball high that Kalen Lizama could not save the ball from entering the goalpost. Timor Leste U-23 was rewarded a free goal from Guam in 34 minutes. In 42 minutes before the first half of match was over, Josh Bajikur head the ball into the goalpost during the corner kick. In second half of the match, Guam U-23 players create many fouls especially the defenders and midfielder.  Cadiz Bumagat who earn two yellow card in the second half of the match. Cadiz a Guam’s defender tripped  Asanco’s leg. Asanco did not get hurt from his falling but his team were awarded  a penalty kick. Emillio Olivyera the captain of Timorese U-23 score the penalty kick in 68 minutes. Asanco was substituted by Yudda Ardisaputra in 75 minutes. Yudda  thrashed Guam U-23 in 87 minutes when he score the last goal. ” I am very happy my team performance tonight, it was unbelievable that many goals was score exclude the own goal by Guam’s defender” said Marcos Falopa coach of Timor Leste U-23.


Date: June 27, 2011

Location: Darwin Football Stadium, Darwin Australia.

Time: 19:00-21:30

Timor Leste U-23

Home: Red, Black, Red

Goalkeeper: Tomas de Lani

Defender: Josh Bajikur, Jeremy De Costa, Nazario, Fernando Carceres

Midfielder: Loberto Gama, Akao, Montenario Soares, Nidio Neto

Forward: Asanco, Emilio Olivyera ( Captain)

Sub: Rangel Hernandez (GK), Jack Sarmento (DF), Juan Fonseca (DF), Fidel Santos (MF), Nelson Sing (MF),  Yudda Ardisaputra (FW)

Coach: Marcos Falopa ( Brazil)

Score:  5: 1 ;  Scott Guerrero 14 min, Akao 27 min, Edward Calvo 34 min (Own Goal),  Josh Bajikur 42 min, Emilio Olivyera 68 min (PEN), Yudda Ardisaputra 87 min

Guam U-23

Away: White, White, White

Goalkeeper: Kalen Lizama

Defender: Edward Calvo, Cadiz Bumagat, Tquiengco Guerrero

Midfielder: Choi Min Sung, Scott Guerrero, Ian Mariano ( Captain), Chargualaf Torres, Mark Chargualaf

Forward:  Eric Sotto, Lopez Joseph

Sub: Jaye Jefferey (GK), Gumataotao Mesa (DF), Baltazar Atalig (MF), Shimizu Cruz (MF), Christopher Mendiola (FW)

Coach: Byun Byung- J00 (South Korea)

Yellow Card: Cadiz Bumagat (2), Choi Min Sung (2), Nazario (1)

Red Card: None

1 Referee:  Christopher Beath (Australia),  Assistant Refrees: Brad Hobson (Australia), Ani Hillary ( Papua New Guinea),  Fourth Official: Grant Rojas ( Philippines)