Timor Leste Senior Team gear up to qualify ASIAN CUP with Italian Guidance

Dili ( 9 September 2015) – Thirty three Senior Men National players have been called for centralized training at Dili National Stadium in preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup/ 2019 AFC Asian Cup from 8 October to 12 November.

The Federacao Futebol de Timor Leste (FFTL) have called players from European countries and Brazil. These players are equipped with experienced and talents. The name of the players in the senior team in under the Roster Picture. The players will face-off with Palestine on 8 October, Malaysia on 13 October, United Arab Emirates on 12 November.

Roster da Equipe TLS 1

Roster da Equipe TLS 2


FFTL have new three coach staffs that are from Italy. These coaches are under contracted with LEGA ITALIANA CALCIO PROFESSIONISTICO (Lega Pro)/FFTL, it lasted up to 3 years period. The coaches are professional and experienced.

Lega Pro ITA letter


Coaches Name:

PAOLO STRINGARA (Age: 53)- Technical Director:  A former coach of A.S.D Barletta 1922 and a defender in 1991 of Inter Milan which the club won the UEFA Cup 1990/1991.

Stringara Quote

LUCIANO FOSCHI (Age:48)- Head Coach:  A former coach of Savona F.B.C and a defender at A.S. Viterbese Calcio in 1996 to 1999.

luciano foschi


Foschi Quote

OMERLANIO TODBISTERIO (Age: 43)- Assistant Coach: a former famous midfielder at Lupa Roma F.C in 1994 to 2001. Former 2010-2012 head coach of S.S. Juve Stabia.

Currently, Timor Leste Senior Men Team are on fourth in the table group. So far, Timor Leste in the last 3 matches have gain a drawn with Malaysia and two lost from United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Now, the FFTL leader want to gear up to qualify at 2019 AFC Asian Cup. FFTL leader are determined to win all of the next five matches.

Florindo Quote


One Response to “Timor Leste Senior Team gear up to qualify ASIAN CUP with Italian Guidance”

  1. Jay Says:


    Great blog as it’s normally impossible to find any info about Timor Leste team. Thanks for sharing.

    Could you confirm which of the players have accepted the invitation and joined camp? I assume that not all of those 33 called up players are actually going to play for Timor Leste (at least not yet)? Or have they confirmed their participation and got a clearance already from FIFA to represent Timor?

    So any chance that you could update the squad before Palestine match?

    Good luck for the qualification!

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