2013 SEA Games: Muslim Athletes threatened by Buddhist Extremist

Yangon ( 5/30/2013) – Muslim Athletes from Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia are being threaten by Burmese Buddhist Extremist. The threat are very dangerous and unsafe. The Burmese Buddhist Extremist are in favor of no Muslims coming to Myanmar for the  2013 Southeast Asian Games in mid December. These Extremist has warned the public to harassed any Muslim that are in the street. In addition, these Extremist have also started Anti-Muslim movement which they destroy mosques, burn the Al-Quran, burn all the flag of Muslim’s Country and public beating of fellow Muslim Individual.


Mook Whait Sanko a leader of Pure Myanmar Buddhist (a Anti-Muslim group) spoke-person said  “We do not want any Muslim in our land no more. We are sick of them. We will do our best to remove these Muslim dog of our beloved country”


Pure Myanmar Buddhist a group of Anti-Muslim in Myanmar have shown large demonstration of Anti-Muslim propaganda which they claimed to torture Muslim Individual, destroying property of Muslim Individual and Mosques. The Pure Myanmar Buddhist have threaten Muslim Athletes from Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia not to come Myanmar at 2013 SEA Games because they do not want any Muslim to participated in any competition during the Southeast Asian Games. They felt that these Muslim are cheating at every competition and they have suspected that the Muslim Athletes use a superpower.


Japar Bin Bangkol of Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council, Rita Subowo of Komite Olahraga Nasional Indonesia, and Prince Tunku Imran of Olympic Council of Malaysia have expressed their concern to the official community of Myanmar 2013 SEA Games about the safety of all the Muslim athletes. Each of them want more body guards and securities for their athletes. If the official community of the SEA Games does not granted the safety of the Muslim Athletes, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia would dropped off from the 2013 SEA Games.


Zak Win Soe a general promoter event of 2013 SEA Games told us “We will try with all our power to keep all the athletes safe from being hurt or being in danger. It is not promise but we will maintain a safe environment at this year SEA Games”

The 2013 Southeast Asian Games opening ceremony will be on 11 December 2013.


2 Responses to “2013 SEA Games: Muslim Athletes threatened by Buddhist Extremist”

  1. mustafa Says:

    ulan budistler bir gün çok pişman olacaksınız çok

  2. Fucking Buddhist Says:

    Fucking buddhist. you are a primitif.

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