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A Draw with Persiba Bantul

August 2, 2011

( Bantul, August 3, 2011) – Timor Leste national football team have shown a great performance and they are able to draw with Persiba Bantul. Emmanuel Nonny  unshackle his team from lossing; he scored a goal at 74 minutes, at 10 minutes earlier he substituted for Sidonio Augusto De Jesus. Timor Leste selecao have surprised their opponent when they score early goal. Charles da Costa, a Bullen Lions of Australia’s striker manage breaking Persiba’s defense and contribute scoring early goal at 9 minutes. The table was turn when Udo Fortune score at 36 minutes; at the end of the first half of the match Persiba and Timor Leste was drawn. The second was resume. At 51 minutes another attack goal from Persiba had Timor Leste defense unsecured. Choirul Anam of Persiba Bantul who score a goal at 1 minutes. When the match end, Both teams was drawn, Persiba Bantul 2-2 Timor Leste. 500 crowds at the stadium were not expected that Persiba would draw with Timor Leste and they were very amazed at Timor Leste’s overall performance. ” That a great start for Timor Leste seleccao. I hope we could do better next times at Bandung when play against Indonesia U-21 at Timor- Indonesia Rivalry Cup, which is next week at August 8. ” said Antonio Carlos Vieira.


Date:  August 2, 2011

Location: Maguwoharjo Stadium

Time: 20:30- 22:20

Home: Red, Red, Red

Goalkeeper: Agus Marwanto

Defender:   Muhammad Ansori, Bruno Kasimir, Slamet Widodo

Midfielder: Seto Nurdiyantara, Ugik Sugiyanto ( Captain), Choirul Anam, Slamet Nurcahyo, Frit Revelino Imbiri

Foward: Udo Fortune, Busari

Sub: Hizkia Rambing (GK), Achmad Tofiq (DF), Anwardin (DF), Arwin (MF), Sigit Syahrial

Coach: Edward Tjong

Score: 2:2 ; Charles da Costa 9 min, Udo Fortune 36 min, Choirul Anam 51 min, Emmanuel Nonny 74 min

Away: White, White, White

11’s players ( Number, Position, Name, D.O.B, Clubs,)

1 GK- Adriano Quintao  April 30, 1984, U.S Latina Calcio ( Italy)

3 DF- Salvador Carlos April 18, 1986, Ad. Bobonaro ( Timor Leste)

8 DF- Afonso Carson May 16, 1987, Gwanju Gwangsan FC ( South Korea)

11 DF- Nazario Do Carmo Nov 9, 1992,  Ad. Dili Leste ( Timor Leste)

13 DF- Quico Denzel May 17, 1985, Internacional Dili ( Timor Leste)

4 MF- Cipriano Branco August  24, 1985, Sao Bernardo ( Brazil)

12 MF-  Entil ( Vincente Ramos Freitas) (Captain) Dec 28, 1985, Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste)

20 MF-  Sidonio Augusto De Jesus July 18, 1981, Grants Braes AFC ( New Zealand)

10 FW- Quito October 25, 1986, Ad. Dili Leste ( Timor Leste )

14 FW- Luzinho April 1, 1983, Casuarina FC ( Australia)

17 FW- Charles da Costa Feb 2, 1990, Bullen Lions ( Australia)

Substitutions ( Number, Position, Name, D.O.B, Clubs, Sub)

18 GK- Leonel Araujo July 5, 1986, FC Porto Taibesi  ( Timor Leste)

2 DF- Miguel Santos Soares July 4, 1984, Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste)

5 DF- Juvitu January 27, 1897 Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste) sub for # 13 Quico Denzel at 38 min

6 MF- Edgar Napoleon November 13, 1983, Bullen Lions ( Australia)

9 MF- Emmanuel Nonny November 26, 1986, Madiun Putra FC ( Indonesia) sub for # 20 Sidonio at 62 min

16 MF- Eusebio June 9, 1985, FC Porto Taibesi ( Timor Leste)

19 MF- Neymar Da Silva August 13, 1988, Atma Jaya FC ( Indonesia) sub for # 4 Cipriano at 24 min

7 FW – Emillio Da Silva ( Ary)  April 5, 1982, Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste) sub  for # 14 Luzinho at 53 min

15 FW-  Felipinho Nessa March 5, 1985, Portuguese Youth FC ( Malaysia)

Coach: Antonio Carlos Vieira

Yellow Card: Slamet Widodo (2)

Red Card: None

1 Referee:  Rosy Faulur (Indonesia),  Assistant Refrees: Joni Joni (Indonesia), Biian Aladin ( Indonesia),  Fourth Official: Yusril Lambatar (Indonesia)

Upcoming Match

Timor-Indonesia Rivaly Cup: Timor Leste vs Indonesia U-21  Augustus 8, 2011, Siliwangi Stadium

Timor Leste vs Samoa  August 29, 2011,  National Stadium of Timor Leste