Timor Leste thrashed Guam U-23

(Darwin, AUS, June 28, 2011) An excellent performance  by Timor Leste Under-23 National Football Team who thrashed Guam’s defensed. Although Guam U-23 play well on the first half of the match, the team were unable to return and many mistakes were committed. On the hands, Timor Leste was surprised when Guam opened the first goal in 14 minutes by Scott Guerrero a midfielder.  Akao a Timorese midfielder take  avenged for his team by scoring a goal in 27 minutes.  Guam U-23 have miscommunication with their goalkeeper;  Edward Calvo tackle his opponent, haul the ball from them and he pass the ball to Kalen Lizama who was not concentrating during that moment. Edward kick the ball high that Kalen Lizama could not save the ball from entering the goalpost. Timor Leste U-23 was rewarded a free goal from Guam in 34 minutes. In 42 minutes before the first half of match was over, Josh Bajikur head the ball into the goalpost during the corner kick. In second half of the match, Guam U-23 players create many fouls especially the defenders and midfielder.  Cadiz Bumagat who earn two yellow card in the second half of the match. Cadiz a Guam’s defender tripped  Asanco’s leg. Asanco did not get hurt from his falling but his team were awarded  a penalty kick. Emillio Olivyera the captain of Timorese U-23 score the penalty kick in 68 minutes. Asanco was substituted by Yudda Ardisaputra in 75 minutes. Yudda  thrashed Guam U-23 in 87 minutes when he score the last goal. ” I am very happy my team performance tonight, it was unbelievable that many goals was score exclude the own goal by Guam’s defender” said Marcos Falopa coach of Timor Leste U-23.


Date: June 27, 2011

Location: Darwin Football Stadium, Darwin Australia.

Time: 19:00-21:30

Timor Leste U-23

Home: Red, Black, Red

Goalkeeper: Tomas de Lani

Defender: Josh Bajikur, Jeremy De Costa, Nazario, Fernando Carceres

Midfielder: Loberto Gama, Akao, Montenario Soares, Nidio Neto

Forward: Asanco, Emilio Olivyera ( Captain)

Sub: Rangel Hernandez (GK), Jack Sarmento (DF), Juan Fonseca (DF), Fidel Santos (MF), Nelson Sing (MF),  Yudda Ardisaputra (FW)

Coach: Marcos Falopa ( Brazil)

Score:  5: 1 ;  Scott Guerrero 14 min, Akao 27 min, Edward Calvo 34 min (Own Goal),  Josh Bajikur 42 min, Emilio Olivyera 68 min (PEN), Yudda Ardisaputra 87 min

Guam U-23

Away: White, White, White

Goalkeeper: Kalen Lizama

Defender: Edward Calvo, Cadiz Bumagat, Tquiengco Guerrero

Midfielder: Choi Min Sung, Scott Guerrero, Ian Mariano ( Captain), Chargualaf Torres, Mark Chargualaf

Forward:  Eric Sotto, Lopez Joseph

Sub: Jaye Jefferey (GK), Gumataotao Mesa (DF), Baltazar Atalig (MF), Shimizu Cruz (MF), Christopher Mendiola (FW)

Coach: Byun Byung- J00 (South Korea)

Yellow Card: Cadiz Bumagat (2), Choi Min Sung (2), Nazario (1)

Red Card: None

1 Referee:  Christopher Beath (Australia),  Assistant Refrees: Brad Hobson (Australia), Ani Hillary ( Papua New Guinea),  Fourth Official: Grant Rojas ( Philippines)


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