Timor Leste’s Triumph

( Kathmandu, Nepal, June 22, 2011)- Timor Leste Men National Football Team have finally win their first match. It’s a celebration for the selecao who did the impossible.  Timor Leste have beaten Bhutan U-23 team, scoring 4 :1.  Anggisu Barbosa is the one who opened the first goal for his country in the 24 minutes at the first half of the match. Later in 32 minutes chaos was created by Tashi Tubgay a Bhutan player who was foul for his violence conduct. Tashi Tubgay deliberately stump and push away Quito. Quito was badly bruise in his feet; he was sent out from the game and replace by Felipinho Nessa.  Tashi Tubgay receive a red card to leave the match. Timor Leste was awarded a penalty kick. The captain of Timor Leste, Eusebio score a goal in the penalty kick. In last 2 minutes of the first half of the match, Wangchuk a Bhutan midfielder score a goal. The second half of the match, Timor Leste dominated the game. The Seleccao  were organized team and very energetic, keeping the front line and back secure and controllable. The rookies, Torres Vidigal (V.Torres) make daring score, he kicked the ball high from 28 meters from the goal post. The ball landed in left side of the goal post at 62 minutes. Hari Gurung a Bhutan Goalkeeper cannot save the goal from V.Torres because it was high to reach it.  Chris Nunes added the last goal for Timor Leste in 83 minutes. ” The Selecao had shown a progress in this match; However, i hope they can do the same when they face Nepal at the World Cup Qualification which start next week” said Antonio Carlos Viera (Coach Timor Leste). ” I am not surprise at all, i knew Bhutan is going to lose but i was not hoping that my player receive a red card. We did a lot of mistake and we have only 10 players on the field that why we loss this evening” said the disappointed Hiroaki Matsuyama ( Coach Bhutan U-23).


Date: June 22, 2011

Time: 16:15- 18:15

Location: Halchowk Stadium

Bhutan U-23

Home: Orange, Yellow, Yellow

Goalkeeper: Hari Gurung

Defender: Biren Basnet, Tashi Tubgay, Penjor Tshering, Tsedupla, Yohteh Chophel

Midfielder: Chimi Dorji, Wangchuk, Yeshi Samdrup

Foward: Jigme N Norbu ( Captain), Nawang Dendup

Sub: Yeshi Gyeltshen (GK), Kuenge (DF), Mindu (MF), Sonam Dhendup (FW)

Coach: Hiroaki Matsuyama ( Japan)

Score: 1 : 4 ;  Anggisu 24 min, Eusebio 37 min ( Pen), Wangchuk 43 min, V.Torres 62 min, Chris Nunes 83 min

Timor Leste

Away: White, Blue, Blue

Goalkeeper: Diamantino Leong (Adi)

Defender: Ed Dino, Miguel Santos Soares, Juvitu, Chris Nunes

Midfielder:  Torres Vidigal ( V.Torres), Eusebio ( Captain),  Sidonio Augusto De Jesus

Foward: Anggisu,  Emilio da Silva (Ary), Quito

Sub: Leonel (GK), Cabita Lebere (DF),  De Jesus (DF), Americo Ximenes (MF), Cipriano Branco (MF), Felipinho Nessa (FW)

Coach: Antonio  Carlos Viera (Brazil)

Yellow Card: Chimi Dorji (1), Ed Dino (1), Tashi Tubgay (2), Tsedupla (2)

Red Card: Tashi Tubgay

1 Referee:  Rowan Arumughan (India),  Assistant Refrees: Biblab Poddar (India), Weiming Huo ( China),  Fourth Official: Azizur Rahman ( Bangladesh)







4 Responses to “Timor Leste’s Triumph”

  1. Aldho Moniz da Silva Says:

    parabens seleccao Samba Asia….Forca e Viva Timor-Leste

  2. SIGIT Says:

    stop telling the fasle information regarding with the U23 squad. the coach is not a coach but he is school teacher. so far Timor Leste U23 squad never succes in any match.

  3. SIGIT Says:

    Timor Leste has their internal problem related to the players. most of the player in the national squad were from the official club and relative.none of the player.from footbal academy selected. even the national team also never defeated the U18 of the footbal academy coached by Kim Shiwan. the federation within 12 year have no change and never succes. the same people lead the federation and induce the same result…… that was neve win ….and most of the time suffer the goal aver than 5;0

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