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Timor Leste thrashed Guam U-23

June 28, 2011

(Darwin, AUS, June 28, 2011) An excellent performance  by Timor Leste Under-23 National Football Team who thrashed Guam’s defensed. Although Guam U-23 play well on the first half of the match, the team were unable to return and many mistakes were committed. On the hands, Timor Leste was surprised when Guam opened the first goal in 14 minutes by Scott Guerrero a midfielder.  Akao a Timorese midfielder take  avenged for his team by scoring a goal in 27 minutes.  Guam U-23 have miscommunication with their goalkeeper;  Edward Calvo tackle his opponent, haul the ball from them and he pass the ball to Kalen Lizama who was not concentrating during that moment. Edward kick the ball high that Kalen Lizama could not save the ball from entering the goalpost. Timor Leste U-23 was rewarded a free goal from Guam in 34 minutes. In 42 minutes before the first half of match was over, Josh Bajikur head the ball into the goalpost during the corner kick. In second half of the match, Guam U-23 players create many fouls especially the defenders and midfielder.  Cadiz Bumagat who earn two yellow card in the second half of the match. Cadiz a Guam’s defender tripped  Asanco’s leg. Asanco did not get hurt from his falling but his team were awarded  a penalty kick. Emillio Olivyera the captain of Timorese U-23 score the penalty kick in 68 minutes. Asanco was substituted by Yudda Ardisaputra in 75 minutes. Yudda  thrashed Guam U-23 in 87 minutes when he score the last goal. ” I am very happy my team performance tonight, it was unbelievable that many goals was score exclude the own goal by Guam’s defender” said Marcos Falopa coach of Timor Leste U-23.


Date: June 27, 2011

Location: Darwin Football Stadium, Darwin Australia.

Time: 19:00-21:30

Timor Leste U-23

Home: Red, Black, Red

Goalkeeper: Tomas de Lani

Defender: Josh Bajikur, Jeremy De Costa, Nazario, Fernando Carceres

Midfielder: Loberto Gama, Akao, Montenario Soares, Nidio Neto

Forward: Asanco, Emilio Olivyera ( Captain)

Sub: Rangel Hernandez (GK), Jack Sarmento (DF), Juan Fonseca (DF), Fidel Santos (MF), Nelson Sing (MF),  Yudda Ardisaputra (FW)

Coach: Marcos Falopa ( Brazil)

Score:  5: 1 ;  Scott Guerrero 14 min, Akao 27 min, Edward Calvo 34 min (Own Goal),  Josh Bajikur 42 min, Emilio Olivyera 68 min (PEN), Yudda Ardisaputra 87 min

Guam U-23

Away: White, White, White

Goalkeeper: Kalen Lizama

Defender: Edward Calvo, Cadiz Bumagat, Tquiengco Guerrero

Midfielder: Choi Min Sung, Scott Guerrero, Ian Mariano ( Captain), Chargualaf Torres, Mark Chargualaf

Forward:  Eric Sotto, Lopez Joseph

Sub: Jaye Jefferey (GK), Gumataotao Mesa (DF), Baltazar Atalig (MF), Shimizu Cruz (MF), Christopher Mendiola (FW)

Coach: Byun Byung- J00 (South Korea)

Yellow Card: Cadiz Bumagat (2), Choi Min Sung (2), Nazario (1)

Red Card: None

1 Referee:  Christopher Beath (Australia),  Assistant Refrees: Brad Hobson (Australia), Ani Hillary ( Papua New Guinea),  Fourth Official: Grant Rojas ( Philippines)


Timor Leste’s Triumph

June 22, 2011

( Kathmandu, Nepal, June 22, 2011)- Timor Leste Men National Football Team have finally win their first match. It’s a celebration for the selecao who did the impossible.  Timor Leste have beaten Bhutan U-23 team, scoring 4 :1.  Anggisu Barbosa is the one who opened the first goal for his country in the 24 minutes at the first half of the match. Later in 32 minutes chaos was created by Tashi Tubgay a Bhutan player who was foul for his violence conduct. Tashi Tubgay deliberately stump and push away Quito. Quito was badly bruise in his feet; he was sent out from the game and replace by Felipinho Nessa.  Tashi Tubgay receive a red card to leave the match. Timor Leste was awarded a penalty kick. The captain of Timor Leste, Eusebio score a goal in the penalty kick. In last 2 minutes of the first half of the match, Wangchuk a Bhutan midfielder score a goal. The second half of the match, Timor Leste dominated the game. The Seleccao  were organized team and very energetic, keeping the front line and back secure and controllable. The rookies, Torres Vidigal (V.Torres) make daring score, he kicked the ball high from 28 meters from the goal post. The ball landed in left side of the goal post at 62 minutes. Hari Gurung a Bhutan Goalkeeper cannot save the goal from V.Torres because it was high to reach it.  Chris Nunes added the last goal for Timor Leste in 83 minutes. ” The Selecao had shown a progress in this match; However, i hope they can do the same when they face Nepal at the World Cup Qualification which start next week” said Antonio Carlos Viera (Coach Timor Leste). ” I am not surprise at all, i knew Bhutan is going to lose but i was not hoping that my player receive a red card. We did a lot of mistake and we have only 10 players on the field that why we loss this evening” said the disappointed Hiroaki Matsuyama ( Coach Bhutan U-23).


Date: June 22, 2011

Time: 16:15- 18:15

Location: Halchowk Stadium

Bhutan U-23

Home: Orange, Yellow, Yellow

Goalkeeper: Hari Gurung

Defender: Biren Basnet, Tashi Tubgay, Penjor Tshering, Tsedupla, Yohteh Chophel

Midfielder: Chimi Dorji, Wangchuk, Yeshi Samdrup

Foward: Jigme N Norbu ( Captain), Nawang Dendup

Sub: Yeshi Gyeltshen (GK), Kuenge (DF), Mindu (MF), Sonam Dhendup (FW)

Coach: Hiroaki Matsuyama ( Japan)

Score: 1 : 4 ;  Anggisu 24 min, Eusebio 37 min ( Pen), Wangchuk 43 min, V.Torres 62 min, Chris Nunes 83 min

Timor Leste

Away: White, Blue, Blue

Goalkeeper: Diamantino Leong (Adi)

Defender: Ed Dino, Miguel Santos Soares, Juvitu, Chris Nunes

Midfielder:  Torres Vidigal ( V.Torres), Eusebio ( Captain),  Sidonio Augusto De Jesus

Foward: Anggisu,  Emilio da Silva (Ary), Quito

Sub: Leonel (GK), Cabita Lebere (DF),  De Jesus (DF), Americo Ximenes (MF), Cipriano Branco (MF), Felipinho Nessa (FW)

Coach: Antonio  Carlos Viera (Brazil)

Yellow Card: Chimi Dorji (1), Ed Dino (1), Tashi Tubgay (2), Tsedupla (2)

Red Card: Tashi Tubgay

1 Referee:  Rowan Arumughan (India),  Assistant Refrees: Biblab Poddar (India), Weiming Huo ( China),  Fourth Official: Azizur Rahman ( Bangladesh)






A New Victory of Timor Leste U-23

June 13, 2011

(Darwin, AUS, June 13, 2011)-  Timor Leste Under 23 football team have reaches the highest achievement in international football stage. The team won against Fiji U-23 football team last night in friendly match ; Yudda Ardisaputra and Fidel Santos who bravely accomplished the victory of team. Yudda Ardisaputra broke Fijian’s silence in 33 minutes when he opened the first goal in the first half of the game. The Seleccao  were organized team and very energetic, keeping the front line and back secure and controllable. In second of half the game during the first 13 minutes Fidel Santos of Timor Leste u-23 courageously defeated the 3 defenders’ defense line and score a beautiful goal. Parmesh Prasad a Fijian goalkeeper missed saving the second goal attempt from the Timorese seleccao. The night was not over for Fijian Bula Boys. In  81 min, Jone Vono make comeback for the Fijian u-23 football team when he finally score a goal for his country.  The Fijian did good performance but Timor Leste seleccao was the team who won the match. ” The seleccao really accomplished their first victory of the International Football Stage, it’s  outstanding  job from every each players” said the proud coach Falopa of Timor Leste.


Date: June 12, 2011

Location: Darwin Football Stadium, Darwin Australia.

Timor Leste U-23

Home: Red, White,Black

Goalkeeper: Tomas de Lani

Defender: Jack Sarmento, Fernando Carceres, Juao Fonseca, Josh Bajikur

Midfielder: Nelson Sing, Montenario Soares, Fidel Santos, Glory Correia

Forward: Emilio Olivyera ( Captain), Yudda Ardisaputra

Sub: Victor Jorge (GK), Jeremy De Costa (DF), Nazario (DF), Akao (MF), Nidio Neto (MF), Rogerio Quinta (FW)

Coach: Marcos Falopa ( Brazil)

Score:  2: 1 ; Yudda Ardisaputra  33 min, Fidel Santos 58 min, Jone Vono 81 min

Fiji U-23

Away: Blue, Blue, Blue

Goalkeeper: Parmesh Prasad

Defender: Sheki Moshin, Leone Vurukania ( Captain), Malakai Waqa

Midfielder: Krishna Samy, Aisea Codro, Uski Vee, Apisai Smith

Forward:  Isimeli Naresia, Jone Vono, Oshet Sali

Sub: Jone Sorolo (GK), Usaia Tadu (DF), Roneel Kumar (MF), Josaia Bukalidi (FW)

Coach: Alan Hinton (England)

1 Referee:  Christopher Beath (Australia),  Assistant Refrees: Luke Brennan (Australia), Mark Rule ( New Zealand),  Fourth Official: Hilmon Sese ( Vanuatu)

Other Result of Timor Leste U-23

May 18 – A.D. Dili Leste 1: 1 Timor Leste U-23

June 6 – Timor Leste U-23  3: 0 Gove SC

June 10-  Timor Leste U-23  0 : 1 Darwin Dragon SC

Timor Leste 2011 Fixture Matches

June 1, 2011

(Dili, 1 June, 2011) -Timor Leste National Football Team ( Seleccao) is gearing up for the  second debut in  FIFA World Cup Qualification. The Seleccao will be playing against Nepal on 29 June, 2011 and 3 July, 2011 at Dasarath Rangasala Stadium in Kathmandu, Nepal. Both Leg ( Home/ Away) will be played in Kathmandu, Nepal due to lack of technical infrastructure in Dili, Timor Leste. Timorese football team will be arriving at Kathmandu, Nepal on June 17, 2011. Amandio Sarmento, a general secretary of Federaco de Futebol de Timor Leste  have request a friendly match with Bhutan National Football Team. The friendly match with Bhutan is set on June 22, 2011 at Wednesday’s afternoon.”Our mission is to win at least one match so we could have better ranking in FIFA” said the General Secretary of FFTL.  Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste have set up two-legged friendly Matches with Indonesia National Football team(Timnas) on August 8 and August 10, 2011 at Maguwoharjo Stadium in Sleman, Indonesia.  Last time when they meet, Indonesia win against Timor Leste with 6:0 in November 24, 2010.  Coach Antonio Carlos Viera, the new coach of the Timorese Seleccao, think the seleccao will do much better than last year because his players had work hard in the training camp. “My Players is ready to win and defense  their proud country” said Viera.  The 2011 Fixture Matches of Timor Leste’s seleccao look very tough especially Nepal and Indonesia whose rank are better than Timor Leste. The seleccao will also play two local football clubs in Jogjakarta after the 2014 FWCQ.  Timorese seleccao will be going to Jogjakarta in July 29, 2011. The Persatuan Sepak Bola Seluruh Indonesia (PSSI) and Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste have name their two-legged friendly matches ” Timor-Indonesia Rivalry Cup ( T.I.R Cup) “. The winner of  Timor- Indonesia Rivalry Cup will win a trophy and $10,000 (US Dollar). For Second Runner Up, they will received $ 4,000 (US Dollar).  TIR Cup  proposed is to developed better football between Indonesia- Timor Leste and to have good relationship with each other.  FFTL is supporting PSSI for electing their new president in congress at June 30, 2011. ” We hope PSSI will elected their new leader and also solve their problem” said Francisco Kalbuadi .

Here’s Timor Leste 2011 Fixture Matches

Bhutan vs Timor Leste,  June 22, 2011, Dasarath Rangasala Stadium

First Leg FWCQ: Nepal Vs Timor Leste, June 29, 2011, Dasarath Rangasala Stadium

Second Leg FWCQ : Timor Leste Vs Nepal, July 3, 2011, Dasarath Rangasala Stadium

Persiba Bantul, August 2, 2011, Maguwoharjo Stadium

PSIM Jogjakarta, August 5, 2011,  Maguwoharjo Stadium

Timor-Indonesia Rivalry Cup : Indonesia vs Timor Leste, August 8, 2011, Maguwoharjo Stadium

Timor-Indonesia Rivalry Cup:  Timor Leste vs Indonesia, August 10, 2011, Maguwoharjo Stadium