2014 FWCQ Timor Leste :Nepal

The FIFA World Cup Qualification had just announced the draw for the Asians football teams. Timor Leste were put against Nepal, the Himalayas Nation. Nepal whose rank only 172 ; meanwhile, Timor Leste only rank 201.  The first leg of this tournament will be at in Kathmandu, Nepal which have 42 degrees in temperature. This is a challenge for Timorese players who live in humid and hot weather. The first leg are set in June 29. 2011. Orlando Mendes, a deputy general of Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste said that, our players will be warm by wearing a long sleeve football shirt and we will arrive in Nepal, two weeks earlier so that we could use to the weather in Nepal. Timor Leste seleccao’s preparation for this world cup, would start in April 27, 2011;  They are going to spent their training in Dili for three weeks and then they go to Jogjakarta for training and exhibition games with Indonesia’s football clubs. 29 Players will be participated in the World  Cup squad, 16 players are from overseas and 13 players from local.  This squad will be using Maguwoharjo Stadium, which hold 30,000 capacities, for training and second leg. Coach Antonio Carlos Viera will be joining the seleccao in April 25, 2011.  The seleccao will left Jogjakarta in June 13, 2011 and will be arriving in Kathmandu on Morning June 15, 2011. Here are the Exhibition games and the list of Players.

Exhibition Games

Persiba Bantul, May 18 2011, Maguwoharjo Stadium

PSIM Jogjakarta, May 23, 2011, –

Persip Pekalongan, May 27, 2011 –

Persija Jakarta, May 30, 2011, Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

Arema FC,  June 3, 2011, Kanjuruhan Stadium

Persipura Jayapura, June 8, 2011, Maguwoharjo Stadium

First Leg FWCQ: Nepal Vs Timor Leste, June 29, 2011, Dasarath Rangasala Stadium

Second Leg FWCQ : Timor Leste Vs Nepal, July 3, 2011, Maguwoharjo Stadium

The Squad List

GK 1, Diamantino Leong ( Adi), October 8, 1986, FC Rusa Fuik (Timor Leste)

GK 14, Rodrigo Cruz, November 13, 1984, GD Mealhada (Portugal)

GK 29, Leonel, July 5, 1986, FC Porto Taibesi (Timor Leste)

DF 2, Cabita Lebere, August 15, 1980,  FC Rusa Fuik (Timor Leste)

DF 6, Chris Nunes, January 6, 1985, Marconi Stallions FC ( Australia)

DF 10, De Jesus, August 10, 1987, FC Porto Taibesi ( Timor Leste)

DF 12, Afonso Carson, May 16, 1987, Gwangju Gwangsan FC ( S. Korea)

DF 18, Ed Dino, Febuary 9, 1983, Bandung Jaya (Indonesia)

DF 20, Ede Araujo, April 29, 1988, Persik Kediri ( Indonesia)

DF 22, Ernesto Da Costa Pinto ( Eney), January 3, 1984 , UTP FC ( Malaysia)

DF 24, Juvito, January 27, 1987, Ad. Dili Leste ( Timor Leste)

DF 26, Miguel Santos Soares, July 4, 1984, Ad. Dili Leste ( Timor Leste)

MF 5, Americo Ximenes, October 11, 1986, Creveela FC ( Northern Ireland)

MF 7, Cipriano Branco, August 24, 1985, FC B River ( Brazil)

MF 9, Emmanuel Nonny, December 25, 1986, Persibo Bojenegra ( Indonesia)

MF 11, Eusebio, June 9, 1985,  FC Porto Taibesi (Timor Leste) ( Captain)

MF 13, Helder Mota Ricardo (Eric),  August 1, 1977, Ad Dili Leste ( Timor Leste)

MF 15, Jose Joao Pereira,October 9, 1981, Ad. Dili Leste ( Timor Leste)

MF 17, Robert M. Aja, July 7, 1985, Portuguese Youth FC ( Malaysia)

MF 25, Sidonio Augusto De Jesus ( Donny),July 18, 1981,  Grants Braes FC ( New Zealand) ( C0- Captain)

MF 27, Torres Vidigal, January 19, 1990, Portuguese Youth FC ( Malaysia)

MF 28, Vicente Ramos Freitas, December 28, 1985, Ad Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste)

FW 3, Anggisu,March 16, 1993, FC Porto Taibesi ( Timor Leste)

FW 4, Emillo da Silva ( Ary), April 5, 1982, Ad. Dili Oeste ( Timor Leste) ( Third Captain)

FW 8, Ermera, April 1, 1985, Bandung Jaya ( Indonesia)

FW 16, Felipinho Nessa, March 5, 1978, Portuguese Youth FC ( Malaysia)

FW 19, Franco Triana, December 18, 1984, Nuevo Talento FC ( Colombia)

FW 21, Quito, October 25, 1986, Ad. Dili Leste ( Timor Leste)

FW 23, Rossy Salazar, February 7, 1986, Real Mataram ( Indonesia)


3 Responses to “2014 FWCQ Timor Leste :Nepal”

  1. SIGIT Says:

    waduuuh ini squad diambil dari amana si FFTL terus tinggal sebula koq ga ada pemain yang latihan…. mimpi kale FFTL terus nama nama tersebut banyak yang kwalitasnya dibawah anak anak asuhan Kim kenapa ga ada yang mili anak anak dari SLB…… makanya jangan egois bawah dendam pribadi kaleee

  2. suji Says:

    the fifa ranking of nepal in now 150 0nly !!

  3. custodio Says:

    caba lihat saja tim nas u 16 kalah telak tim lokal ind. kupang di timor sea cup pada hal setip kali di darwin atau di dili kita juara terus karena sama Mr kim sekarang sama fftl ko begitu. jangan2 itu polikik kalbuady untuk menghina timor leste di mata Indonesia nhuuu……. liha liha aja…….

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