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Adidas and TAÇA Digicel, Kit deal until 2021

March 9, 2011

Adidas has issue partnership with the newest football league in World, TAÇA Digicel, a football league from Timor Leste. Adidas will have 10 year partnership with TAÇA Digicel.The partnership extends adidas’ position as the official athletic sponsor and product supplier for TAÇA Digicel  through 2021.Core to the new agreement is a dedicated focus on youth development and programming to help shape the future of the sport in the newest millennium country, Timor Leste. In addition, Adidas has donated 5 million dollar (US Dollar) to Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste (FFTL) toward their development. 14 teams will wear their new kit from adidas in the new season of 2011 at next month, April. The 14 teams are  Ad. Aileu, Ad. Ainaro, Ad. Baucau, Ad. Bobonero, Ad. Cova Lima, Ad. Dili Leste, Ad. Dili Oeste, Ad. Ermera, Ad. Lautem, Ad. Liquica, Ad. Manatuto, Ad. Manufahi, Ad. Oecusse, and  Ad. Viqueque. Adidas Company will also expanded to Timor Leste ; Adidas store and factory will be created in Baucau. TAÇA Digicel have been doing well in Timor Leste football; players have performance and played well. Last year winner Ad. Dili Leste was brought to the national team. Players in Ad. Dili Leste played in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup; they have good experience but the team were on the fourth last table, they did not make it to next round.

Here are the home and away kit of the 14 TAÇA Digicel teams:

Ad. Aileu – Home (H): Light  Blue (Shirt(Sh)), Black (Shorts(St)), Black (Socks(So))- Away(A):  All Light green

Ad. Ainaro- H: All Light Blue – A: White sh, Green st, White so

Ad. Baucau- H: White sh, Blue st, White so – A: All Red

Ad. Bobonero- H: Blue sh, Red st, Green so- A: Red sh, Black st, Red so

Ad. Cova Lima- H: Green sh, Black st &so – A:  All Blue

Ad. Dili Leste- H: Red sh, Black st, Yellow so – A: Black sh, White st, Black so

Ad. Dili Oeste- H: Light green sh & st, Black so- A: White sh & st, Green so

Ad. Ermera- H: Maroon sh, Black st & so – A: White sh, Red st, White so

Ad. Lautem- H:  All Green – A :  All White

Ad. Liquica – H: Red sh, White st, Blue so – A: White sh, Black st, White so

Ad. Manatuto- H: Blue sh, Green st, Blue so – A: White sh, Green st & so

Ad. Manufahi- H: Red sh, White st, Red so- A: White sh, Black st & so

Ad. Oecusse- H: All White-  A:  All Black

Ad. Viqueque- H: Maroon sh & st, Dark Yellow so – A: Green sh, Dark Blue st & so


Falopa, New fresh U-23 Seleccao

March 4, 2011

U-23 Seleccao is back with new fresh page; from the coach to the players. In addition, Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste(FFTL) has finally permitted U-23 Seleccao to go training camp in Darwin, Australia. Players will be gathering in Timor Leste in May, and then they will go to Darwin, Australia.  24 players will be playing in AFF U-23 Cup and SEA Games, which both held in Palembang, Indonesia. AFF U-23 Cup will start on July 18-24, 2011 and SEA Games start on November 2011.  New Timor Leste U-23 Coach, Marcos Falopa (Brazilian) have said, Timor Leste have Potential to be success in football. He added the key points in Good training and friendly match before the big competition, AFF U-23. FFTL have set friendly match with 5 football clubs in Football Federation of Northern Territory (FFNT), Australia. The Boys will spend their time in June at Darwin Football Stadium in Marrara, Australia.  Marcos Falopa is famous for the success in the SEA Game 2007, where Myanmar won Silver. He hopes he could do the same in Timor Leste. “I think Timor Leste could win in Bronze at 2011 SEA Games” Falopa deemed.

Friendly Matches

May 18 – A.D. Dili Leste

June 6 – Gove SC

June 10- Darwin Dragon SC

June 20- Verdi SC

June 24 – Hellenic Athletic SC

24 Players:

GK 1- Victor Jorge, Dec 5, 1992, A.D. Dili Oeste

GK 11- Rangel Hernadez, May 22, 1990, Nuevo Talento FC (Colombia)

GK 24- Tomas de Lani, Jan, 15, 1993, F.C Porto de Macau (Macau)

DF  3 Jack Sarmento ( Third Captain), Sep 10, 1992, F.C Manatuto

DF  7 Jeremy De Costa, Jul 1, 1992, Malacca FA U-21 (Malaysia)

DF 12 Josh Bajikur, Feb 15, 1993, Surabaya Raya FC ( Indonesia)

DF 14 Nazario, Nov, 9, 1993, A.D Manufahi

DF 16 Fernando Carceres, Mar 21, 1989, XAFC (Philippines)

DF 20 Juao Fonseca,  May 11, 1992, A.D Baucau

MF 4 Montenario Soares (Co- Captain) , Nov 23, 1992, Adelaide Blue Eagles ( Australia)

MF 6 Lomberto Gama, June 15, 1992, A.D Dili Leste

MF 8 Akao, Feb 12,1993, A.D Baucau

MF 10 Glory Correia, Mar 22, 1993, Persik Kediri U-21 ( Indonesia)

MF 15 Nidio Neto, Oct 9,1992, A.D Viqueque

MF 17 Fidel Santos, July 20, 1993, A.D Cova Lima

MF 18 Miguel Soarez, Aug 5, 1991, A.D Bobonaro

MF 19 Nelson Sing, Apr 10, 1995, A.D Dili Oeste

MF 22 Adelino, Jun 2,1993, A.D Lautem

MF 23 Eldermota, Sep 10, 1991, A.D Cova Lima

FW 2 Emilio Olivyera  (Captain) Mar 6, 1990, A.D Dili Leste

FW 5 Rogerio Quinta, Jan 21, 1992, A.D  Dili Oeste

FW 9 Oligario, Dec 23, 1993, A.D Baucau

FW 13 Yudda Ardisaputra, Apr 16, 1992, Tangerang Wolves F.C. (Indonesia)

FW 21 Asanco, Oct 7, 1991, A.D Maliana