2014 FIFA WCQ (AFC) round one fixture

This Summer the Asian teams will competed in the World Cup Qualification which took place in June 29 to July 28. This format would begin with two sets of two-leg knock-out qualification rounds – the first held on 29 June and 3 July 2011 and the second on 23 and 28 July – before 20 teams advanced to a group stage. Ahmed Kadiir, a guy who’s in charge of the draw of the FIFA World Cup Qualification have already set up the fixture for round one. The Ceremonies of the official draw of the FIFA WCQ will start 3 week laters in the Beginning of March. This year, round one consist of 20 matches for ever 40 teams that will played in two leg knock- out stage. Here are the Fixture of Round one of FIFA WCQ (AFC):

Round One pairings were determined by draw on 2 March 2011

1.Iran Vs Vietnam

2.Malaysia Vs Saudi Arabia

3. Uzbekistan Vs Philippines

4. Jordan Vs Myanmar

5. Cambodia Vs China

6. Qatar Vs Chinese Taipei

7. Iraq Vs Maldives

8. India Vs Syria

9. Oman Vs Bang;adesh

10. Nepal Vs Kuwait

11. Thailand Vs Sri Lanka

12. Laos Vs Turkemistan

13. Afghanistan Vs UAE

14. Indonesia Vs Mongolia

15. Pakistan Vs Singapore

16. Yemen Vs Timor Leste

17. Guam Vs Hong Kong

18. Tajikistan Vs Bhutan

19. Lebanon Vs Palestine

20. Kyrgyzstan Vs Macau


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  1. StanFan Says:


    Do you, by any chance, know why Estanilau “Stanley” Li qualifies for British (Northern Ireland) citizenship?

    Thank you xoxo

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