Preview-Indonesia vs Timor Leste

Palembang: Chief coach Indonesia, Alfred Riedl is determine that his team will win against Timor Leste.” Im pretty sure that this match will be easy one for Indonesia but there an obstacle when comes playing on the field. Sometime the players are not focus on the game that they  loss their concentration that my biggest fear. But other than that we pretty sure we are going this game” said Alfred.

The Brazilian coach Antonio Carlos Viera believe Indonesia is not the greatest team in the World of Football. But for Timor Leste is just another step to take higher level in ASEAN football countries. This is the first friendly match for Timor Leste since 2004.” I would say there an electricity on the air on today’s match. Some of my players have loss their family in Santa Cruz during 1999; they request Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste to have their Uniform in Black. My players is very angry with Indonesian and they want to win really bad. They will give 120% during this match. I think we may have a chance to win  this game. There no doubt we are going to loss a lot goals because we have been practicing  since the beginning of November.  Indonesia can bring any players they like, especially Irfan Bachdim and Gonzales (El Loco) ; but we not afraid due to my player anger. There nothing to stop my player to win this match” said Antonio at  event interview.

“Timor Leste was the first official Football Federation to bring back Timorese oversea and to have naturalized players” said Amandio Sarmento. Indonesia FA (PSSI) stole our idea and unfortunately our players will be join the national team next year due they busy schedule and financial.  I think PSSI does not have it’s direction. Although we are new but we have direction to be successful in the future. I hope we could go to the World Cup in 2018. added Amandio.

This friendly match will kick off at 3:30 pm in Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang. Recent update, RCTI will not be broadcast this match, only Australian Darwin & Sydney TV Chanel,Start Sports, Fox Sports Australia and TTL (Timor Leste)

From: Andy Williams (ASEAN Football Team News)


2 Responses to “Preview-Indonesia vs Timor Leste”

  1. dedezon Says:

    FFTL has very poor and no transparancy management for their football. Fransisco Calbuady is always away from Timor Leste. no league, no evaluation no report for their achivement. no clear contrct for the coach and stypend for the players. most of the players were abondon. they have very strong U16, U15, U14 team but thet was not FFTL’s effort but agoup of Timorese volunteers KIM the Korean volunteers that spend most of his time for the Boys. meanwhile distance of the FFTL’s office to the field were the boys use to trained was taking just 1 minute but they never visit even give a glass of water to the boys. but the poor boy should buy water for their training. let us pray for FFTL we hope that they will work for the nation.

  2. SIGIT Says:

    Timor Leste football federation has criate an internal conflict with Timor Leste football academy related to the preparation for world cup qualification vs Nepal. all the football academy player who the champion of Digicel was not selected and FFTL selected other players that in capable and no experience in the international match. the U23 squad was very poor quality. they lost to the U16 squad trained by Mr Kim 6;0. the U 16 squad that prepare by FFTL was very weak, most of the players has no experience, they just select from the school. curently the majority of the Timorese people want to cancel the U23 squad to compete in AFF U23 in Indonesia. the coach who bring the national squad to Nepal that lost all the games promise to win the games but reality shows that his squad lost to U16 squad trained by Mr Kim the Korean coach who has been trained the youth since 2002.

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