Kalbuadi announces 17 Timorese oversea and 4 naturalized players

Dili: Timor Leste federation president, Francisco Kalbaudi have announces 21 new players for oversea. These players will come on April for their the national training. Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste will try to use this oversea players for experiment and hope each of them can bring positive image to the national team. “I’m determine this players will bring positive to the national team. I’m sure also we can win and play better” said Kalbuadi. Here are the players and the naturalized players.

Timorese Oversea

MF-Americo Ximenes (Northern Ireland)-Creveela FC

DF-Chris Nunes (Australia)- Marconi Stallions FC

DF-Ede Araujo (Indonesia)- Persik Kediri U-21

DF-Ernesto Da Costa Pinto (Malaysia)-UTP FC

MF-Glory March (Indonesia)- Persik Kediri U-21

FW-Jao Rodrigues Pereira (Indonesia)-Pesikota Tangerang

MF-Jimmy Pariury (Australia) -Metan FC

FW-Nilton Lhanks (Philippines) -Makati United FC

FW-Oscar Asbanu (Australia)- Timor United FC

DF-Michael Fiorenza (Australia)-Valentine Phoenix FC

MF-Montenario Soares (Australia) -Adelaide Blue Eagles

MF-Ricky Cameirao (Australia)-Pascoe Vale SC

MF-Pereira Ricardo (Philippines)  Neuvo Angeles FC

MF-Phyo Effandhy (Australia)-Timor United Fc

MF-Sidonio Augosto de Jesus (New Zealand)- Grants Braes AFC

MF-Torres Vidigal  (Malaysia-Portuguese Youth FC

DF-Zeito Barros (England)- Welling United FC U-23

Naturalized Players

FW-Carlos Andre Pereira (Brazil)-Altetico Monte Azul

FW-Franco Triana ( Colombia)-Nuevo Talento FC

FW-Phlyppo Eshett( Nigerian- Malaysia)-Portuguese Youth FC

GK-Rangel Hernandez (Colombia)-Nuevo Talento FC

In Today’s match Timor Leste loss to Indonesi 6:0. Christian Gonzalez, a naturalized player from Uruguay, bought up two goals in his first appearance for the national team of Indonesia.

Andy William( ASEAN Football News)


3 Responses to “Kalbuadi announces 17 Timorese oversea and 4 naturalized players”

  1. adios asbanu Says:

    hola, ..,…. Timor Leste FIVA vá em frente, para alcançar um sonho .. de ser campeão campeões no continente asiático, .. estamos sempre atrás de você, …

  2. dedezon Says:

    FFTL has very poor and no transparancy management for their football. Fransisco Calbuady is always away from Timor Leste. no league, no evaluation no report for their achivement. no clear contrct for the coach and stypend for the players. most of the players were abondon. they have very strong U16, U15, U14 team but thet was not FFTL’s effort but agoup of Timorese volunteers KIM the Korean volunteers that spend most of his time for the Boys. meanwhile distance of the FFTL’s office to the field were the boys use to trained was taking just 1 minute but they never visit even give a glass of water to the boys. but the poor boy should buy water for their training. let us pray for FFTL we hope that they will work for the nation.

  3. Totonio Says:

    Great Dedezon..

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