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Kalbuadi announces 17 Timorese oversea and 4 naturalized players

November 21, 2010

Dili: Timor Leste federation president, Francisco Kalbaudi have announces 21 new players for oversea. These players will come on April for their the national training. Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste will try to use this oversea players for experiment and hope each of them can bring positive image to the national team. “I’m determine this players will bring positive to the national team. I’m sure also we can win and play better” said Kalbuadi. Here are the players and the naturalized players.

Timorese Oversea

MF-Americo Ximenes (Northern Ireland)-Creveela FC

DF-Chris Nunes (Australia)- Marconi Stallions FC

DF-Ede Araujo (Indonesia)- Persik Kediri U-21

DF-Ernesto Da Costa Pinto (Malaysia)-UTP FC

MF-Glory March (Indonesia)- Persik Kediri U-21

FW-Jao Rodrigues Pereira (Indonesia)-Pesikota Tangerang

MF-Jimmy Pariury (Australia) -Metan FC

FW-Nilton Lhanks (Philippines) -Makati United FC

FW-Oscar Asbanu (Australia)- Timor United FC

DF-Michael Fiorenza (Australia)-Valentine Phoenix FC

MF-Montenario Soares (Australia) -Adelaide Blue Eagles

MF-Ricky Cameirao (Australia)-Pascoe Vale SC

MF-Pereira Ricardo (Philippines)  Neuvo Angeles FC

MF-Phyo Effandhy (Australia)-Timor United Fc

MF-Sidonio Augosto de Jesus (New Zealand)- Grants Braes AFC

MF-Torres Vidigal  (Malaysia-Portuguese Youth FC

DF-Zeito Barros (England)- Welling United FC U-23

Naturalized Players

FW-Carlos Andre Pereira (Brazil)-Altetico Monte Azul

FW-Franco Triana ( Colombia)-Nuevo Talento FC

FW-Phlyppo Eshett( Nigerian- Malaysia)-Portuguese Youth FC

GK-Rangel Hernandez (Colombia)-Nuevo Talento FC

In Today’s match Timor Leste loss to Indonesi 6:0. Christian Gonzalez, a naturalized player from Uruguay, bought up two goals in his first appearance for the national team of Indonesia.

Andy William( ASEAN Football News)


Preview-Indonesia vs Timor Leste

November 21, 2010

Palembang: Chief coach Indonesia, Alfred Riedl is determine that his team will win against Timor Leste.” Im pretty sure that this match will be easy one for Indonesia but there an obstacle when comes playing on the field. Sometime the players are not focus on the game that they  loss their concentration that my biggest fear. But other than that we pretty sure we are going this game” said Alfred.

The Brazilian coach Antonio Carlos Viera believe Indonesia is not the greatest team in the World of Football. But for Timor Leste is just another step to take higher level in ASEAN football countries. This is the first friendly match for Timor Leste since 2004.” I would say there an electricity on the air on today’s match. Some of my players have loss their family in Santa Cruz during 1999; they request Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste to have their Uniform in Black. My players is very angry with Indonesian and they want to win really bad. They will give 120% during this match. I think we may have a chance to win  this game. There no doubt we are going to loss a lot goals because we have been practicing  since the beginning of November.  Indonesia can bring any players they like, especially Irfan Bachdim and Gonzales (El Loco) ; but we not afraid due to my player anger. There nothing to stop my player to win this match” said Antonio at  event interview.

“Timor Leste was the first official Football Federation to bring back Timorese oversea and to have naturalized players” said Amandio Sarmento. Indonesia FA (PSSI) stole our idea and unfortunately our players will be join the national team next year due they busy schedule and financial.  I think PSSI does not have it’s direction. Although we are new but we have direction to be successful in the future. I hope we could go to the World Cup in 2018. added Amandio.

This friendly match will kick off at 3:30 pm in Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang. Recent update, RCTI will not be broadcast this match, only Australian Darwin & Sydney TV Chanel,Start Sports, Fox Sports Australia and TTL (Timor Leste)

From: Andy Williams (ASEAN Football Team News)

Timor Leste vs Indonesia on 21 November

November 19, 2010

Timor Leste national football team  flew into the city of Palembang this week as they will play a  friendly matches with Indonesia.
They will play against Indonesia on 21 Nov  at the Jakabaring Stadium in Palembang.

In the meanwhile, Pedro Correia the chief coach of Timor Leste announced that his team are ready and they are prepared for this battle. Correia will bring 24 of his best men to Palembang. We will try to do our best and make the fan of  Timor leste proud said Pedro Correia.” We know we didn’t do our best in 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup at Laos but we are now ready for this match. I have been waiting for Indonesia to played a friendly match with my country since 2004. This is an opportunity for Timor Leste to have it revenge for Indonesia. This match will be good one if my team can control the possession of the ball and at least score two goals from Indonesia. ” Correia added

This friendly match will be broadcast at RCTI, ESPN Star Spors, and Televisão Timor Leste (TTL)


Markus Harison Rihihina, Muhamad Roby, Zulkifli Syukur, Maman Abdurrahman, Tony Sucipto, Beny Wahyudi, Eka Ramdani, Cristian Gonzales, Octovianus Maniani, Feri Rotin Sulu, Dendi Santoso, Arif Suyono, Firman Utina, Muhammad Nasuha, Irfan Haarys Bachdim, Ahmad Bustomi, Bambang Pamungkas, Muhammad Ridwan, Slamet Riyadi, Kurnia Meiga Hermansyah, Yongki Ari Bowo, Hamka Hamsah, Johan Juansyah, Nova Arianto.

Timor Leste  SQUAD

1)Adi (GK)2)Leonel(GK)3)Domingos Junior (GK)4)Michael Fiorenza (DF)5)Alfredo Esteves(DF)6)De Jesus(DF)7)Miguel Santos Soares (DF)8)Fonseca (DF)9)Juvitu (DF)10)Salvador Carlos (DF)11) Christoper Nunes (MF)12)Antonio Marques (MF)13) Ricky Cameirao (MF)14)Eusebio (MF)15)Eric (MF)16)Ze Martins (MF)17) Castelo (MF)18)Jose Joa Pereira (MF)19)Carlos(MF)20) Ary (FW)21)Quito (FW)22)Anggisu(FW)23) Juliao de Santos (FW)24) Nelson Silva (FW)