Hooligans threaten in friendly match

Timor Leste officials and the Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste expressed fear of a right-wing extremist plot against their friendly match with Indonesia, after Gamutu FC , a hooligans threat Timor Leste national team and the people of  Timor Leste. One of the police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri said that there will be more tighten security at Glora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia. This hooligans gangs is on police’s eyes, if they come and disturbed at the match, the police will straight away arrest them. Local Organizing Commuttee spokesperson, Nugroho Setiawan, said that there will be more guard and more security checks due to this hooligans.”Obviously somebody wants to demonstrate that Indonesia is neither ready, nor mature enough to have friendly match,” justice ministry of Dili, Jorge Ruizal , said Friday in an interview with TVTL. Timor Leste national football team will be escort by body guard and the member of Jakarta police when they come to Indonesia in November 24, 2010. Orlando Mendes, one of director of FFTL ; he was not happy when he receive Email from the hooligan from Indonesia, he said that his team and his country were threaten by Gamutu FC, a hooligan gangs. This Gamutu FC he said, they will harm the team by bringing dangerous item to the stadium and even one of the member also want to plot a bomb in one of the hotel that the national team will stay. Police chief  Bambang Hendarso Danuri is interrogating the leader of Gamutu FC;  Bambang Joyoningrat,  Bryan A Muhammad and Eric Noveanto. This three men will not be freed until the friendly match is over said the police chief. The Police have now confiscated all the weapons of Gamutu FC, such as bamboo stick, Knives, stones and sword. Gamutu FC is a serious hooligan that support for Indonesia national team, there are 85 members in Gamutu FC, each of them have been trouble with the law. The Gamutu FC used the Nazi’s swastika on their official flag of Gamutu FC. President of FFTL, Francisco Kalbuadi hope that this match will go well and also there will be no trouble on the match.



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