New Logo for Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste

The picture of Timor Leste football have change especially in the new logo of Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste. Amandio Sarmento the general Secretary of FFTL said that Timor Leste football and it’s federation need to change because they want a new image and attitude so that the world will see Timor Leste as the samba nation.  A lot of player in Timor Leste feel that with the old logo, it does not express what Timor Leste is. The new logo of FFTL come in a crest that look similar like Brazil ( CFB) and the new logo have white star on the middle of the cross.The designer of the new logo is Alesandro Xiamilty and Carlos Soares. Both men realized that the old logo didn’t fit the image of Timor Leste since everyone in Timor Leste always play football  like the Brazilian  and sometime  they nickname their national  The samba of Asian.  Alesandro and Carlos have shown the new logo of FFTL to the President of FFTL, Francisco Kalbuadi. Francisco kalbuadi promised to both men, he will change the logo of FFTL next year by beginning in March, 2011. Alesandro who is close to Timor Leste football fans, talked to each one of the fans… they all want more input in the new logo of FFTL by adding crocodile and the bright Timor Sun, the Brazilian Crest style is look alright for Timor Leste and the cross is a fit image for Catholic of Timor Leste. Alesandro will add more input in the logo in the beginning of January, 2011. In other news of Timor Leste football, two players from Colombia will be naturalized and both of the players will play in the national team as beginning of April that’s when the National football training of Timor Leste start. The names of  these players is Franco Triana and Rodrigo Rangel Hernandez. Franco Triana who score 5 goals in 14 games at Nuevo Talento FC in third divison of Colombia Football. There will be also a new blood of Timorese oversea will joining the national team next year. We hope with all the new  players, Timor Leste can develop great result in every game and performance . Good luck for Timor Leste national football team that are playing in 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification in Laos and hope Timor Leste will shine this year.


One Response to “New Logo for Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste”

  1. SIGIT Says:

    FFTL need to have a realy realy seriuse reforming the federation if FFTL wants to have a good management system. some people need to get out of the federation and should be replace by other people who want the improvement and development of soccer in Timor Leste. people like Amandio Sarmento and Oralando and Aleixo will not care for the future of football what they care about is their income.

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