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Timor Leste like to host Copa de ASEAN 2017

October 26, 2010

There’s some development in Timor Leste football, Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste would like to host international football competition of ASEAN regions. General Secretary of FFTL, Amandio Sarmento would like his country to host ASEAN Football compettion, it’s called AFF Suzuki Cup but he want change the name into Copa de ASEAN. ” We have a vision that Timor Leste will be the ASEAN Football main power house, to get there; we are willing to be more cooperative and functional football federation”.  FFTL vison is to send their senior and youth players to European or South America soccer camp and these players will also join the local football club in Europe or South America. Sarmento said We will started the project next year, first is to called all Timorese Oversea Players and hire International Coach. Second is to have international friendly matches. Third is to built stadium, camps and training grounds. Timor Leste would likely to host Copa de ASEAN in 2017. ” I know Timor Leste made a poor result in 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup but we are still progressing to be better every each year”. I hope Timor Leste can qualify in 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup said Amandio.

Andy Willams (ASEAN Football News)


Timor Leste U-16 Seleccao use all Red kits on opening Games

October 24, 2010

Timor Leste U-16 seleccao will use all red kits when they  face of Australia  in Group C  of  AFC U-16 Championship 2010. Meanwhile Australia will use the away kit, all dark blue. The match will take place on 25 October (Monday)  at the Pakhtakor Stadium, Tashkent.
Selection of colors used by Timor Leste  kit is the decision directly from the AFC. When FFTL requested that returned to the red-black-red, not allowed by the AFC.

Timor Leste U-16 Seleccao have arrive on Tashkent International airport in Tashkent, Uzbekistan at today’s 3:00 am. Coach kim Shin Hwan and his team will take a long rest. on Today’s Afternoon, U-16 Seleccao will practice and train before the opening match tomorrow with Australia.

On the side, Timor Leste senior team made a disappointing result and performance in their opening match of AFF Suzuki Cup in Laos . “We are a little sad because we lost by so many goals today,” said a disappointed De Almeida. “I do not think that the Philippines are a great team because they did make some mistakes with their passing. We tried hard against them and we had our chances to score first but we just didn’t take them. “Unfortunately, we have not had much time to prepare our team for this competition. Not all of my players are feeling 100 per cent – some of them just felt sick because of the cooler weather here. “But we will be trying very hard for our next game against Cambodia.”  I spoke to Coach Pedro Almeida at 6:30 pm on Vientiane, Laos; he said that his team will try to work harder and be 100 % confidence during the second match with Cambodia.Pedro Correia De Almeida has insisted that his side will continue to work hard to get a result. “Although we had little time to prepare for this competition and not all of our players were feeling 100 per cent fit for our opening game, it was still disappointing to lose by so many goals against the Philippines,” said De Almeida. “But that game is over now and we must now focus on our next match against Cambodia.
“We have to work more on the physical aspect of our game if we hope to get a result but we will be trying very hard to win the match.”

Andy Willams (ASEAN Football News)

Hooligans threaten in friendly match

October 16, 2010

Timor Leste officials and the Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste expressed fear of a right-wing extremist plot against their friendly match with Indonesia, after Gamutu FC , a hooligans threat Timor Leste national team and the people of  Timor Leste. One of the police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri said that there will be more tighten security at Glora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia. This hooligans gangs is on police’s eyes, if they come and disturbed at the match, the police will straight away arrest them. Local Organizing Commuttee spokesperson, Nugroho Setiawan, said that there will be more guard and more security checks due to this hooligans.”Obviously somebody wants to demonstrate that Indonesia is neither ready, nor mature enough to have friendly match,” justice ministry of Dili, Jorge Ruizal , said Friday in an interview with TVTL. Timor Leste national football team will be escort by body guard and the member of Jakarta police when they come to Indonesia in November 24, 2010. Orlando Mendes, one of director of FFTL ; he was not happy when he receive Email from the hooligan from Indonesia, he said that his team and his country were threaten by Gamutu FC, a hooligan gangs. This Gamutu FC he said, they will harm the team by bringing dangerous item to the stadium and even one of the member also want to plot a bomb in one of the hotel that the national team will stay. Police chief  Bambang Hendarso Danuri is interrogating the leader of Gamutu FC;  Bambang Joyoningrat,  Bryan A Muhammad and Eric Noveanto. This three men will not be freed until the friendly match is over said the police chief. The Police have now confiscated all the weapons of Gamutu FC, such as bamboo stick, Knives, stones and sword. Gamutu FC is a serious hooligan that support for Indonesia national team, there are 85 members in Gamutu FC, each of them have been trouble with the law. The Gamutu FC used the Nazi’s swastika on their official flag of Gamutu FC. President of FFTL, Francisco Kalbuadi hope that this match will go well and also there will be no trouble on the match.


New Logo for Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste

October 7, 2010

The picture of Timor Leste football have change especially in the new logo of Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste. Amandio Sarmento the general Secretary of FFTL said that Timor Leste football and it’s federation need to change because they want a new image and attitude so that the world will see Timor Leste as the samba nation.  A lot of player in Timor Leste feel that with the old logo, it does not express what Timor Leste is. The new logo of FFTL come in a crest that look similar like Brazil ( CFB) and the new logo have white star on the middle of the cross.The designer of the new logo is Alesandro Xiamilty and Carlos Soares. Both men realized that the old logo didn’t fit the image of Timor Leste since everyone in Timor Leste always play football  like the Brazilian  and sometime  they nickname their national  The samba of Asian.  Alesandro and Carlos have shown the new logo of FFTL to the President of FFTL, Francisco Kalbuadi. Francisco kalbuadi promised to both men, he will change the logo of FFTL next year by beginning in March, 2011. Alesandro who is close to Timor Leste football fans, talked to each one of the fans… they all want more input in the new logo of FFTL by adding crocodile and the bright Timor Sun, the Brazilian Crest style is look alright for Timor Leste and the cross is a fit image for Catholic of Timor Leste. Alesandro will add more input in the logo in the beginning of January, 2011. In other news of Timor Leste football, two players from Colombia will be naturalized and both of the players will play in the national team as beginning of April that’s when the National football training of Timor Leste start. The names of  these players is Franco Triana and Rodrigo Rangel Hernandez. Franco Triana who score 5 goals in 14 games at Nuevo Talento FC in third divison of Colombia Football. There will be also a new blood of Timorese oversea will joining the national team next year. We hope with all the new  players, Timor Leste can develop great result in every game and performance . Good luck for Timor Leste national football team that are playing in 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification in Laos and hope Timor Leste will shine this year.