Alfredo Esteves should retired and give up as captain of Timor Leste

Alfredo Esteves have played in Timor Leste national football team in  six years times since 2004. Alfredo is gifted and talented player that help Timor Leste to be successful in football. He has contributed a lot in Timor Leste. And now many Timorese want a new captain and they want Alfredo to retired from football. Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste (FFTL) will introduce a new  Timorese oversea players next year said Orlando Mendes, Director Technical of FFTL . There are 15 new oversea players will join in Timor Leste national team next year and one of them will be the new captain.After many years of not  accomplished to qualify at Tiger cup (AFF Suzuki Cup), FFTL have manage a new plan and they believe Timor Leste will Qualify to 2010 AFF  Suzuki Cup. FFTL will abolished Alfredo’s title as a captain next year and he will be playing in the next two years. Orlando Mendes is not sure what to do with Alfredo Esteves, but he want Alfredo Esteves to work at FFTL and help FFTL and the national team to be flourished. Alfredo Esteves will work to coach the youth team, said in the 2008 interview with ASEAN Football Federation. His statement are ” At this time, I still love playing football and I have never thought of going into coaching. Maybe in the future, I will consider being the national coach of Timor. After my playing career, I’m thinking of doing projects with the youth in Timor. That will be the best start to help mould the future of Timor footbal l”.  Can Alfredo Esteves  be a strong coach that will lead Timor Leste national football team into success  ??


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