Timor Leste will face Australia and Palestine

Dili, Timor Leste –  Timor Leste national team will added another friendly matches against Australia and Palestine.  Antonio Carlos Viera who asked FFTL to add another friendlyMatch

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in November due to the excellent training of the national team.The assurance was conveyed Director of the National Team, Orlando Mendes who was contacted via cell phone.”Teams that have confirmed to us is Australia and Palestine. For Palestine, schedule November 10, 2010, while Australia will play 15 November,” he said.National football team (Senior) coach , Antonio Carlos Vieira has said Timor Leste will qualify and win every three games because of the excellent training.  His coaching material is similar as Marine or military styles; Players were treated as a soldier…. from sun rise to dawn, these players run the whole city of Dili, players were told to do hundreds push up and jumping jack, after doing all that, players  used a lot of excise equipment to maintenance the fitness level. There some day when the players went to field played football all day but in other time, players played football in less hours and they have to focused to build their fitness and aggressive toward football competition and their opponent. Antonio will use aggressive and attack mode during 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification. All these friendly match is not any football match but it is to strengthen diplomatic friendship with other countries, such as neighbour countries and others.


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  1. hj.fivelstad@gmail.com Says:

    Hi. I’m an avid fan of your blog and the Timor Leste National Football Team. I have one question. How did Stanley obtain his Northern-Irish passport? Has he lived there for a period of time? Or does he hold this dual citizenship through relatives?

    Best regards,
    Anthony Lurling.

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