6 National Heroes of Timor Leste football team

There’s a hero in every National Football Team. Each of these heroes contributed positive result for their country and helps their team to be better in football.  Many famous heroes like Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Nani (Portugal), Bambang Pamungkas (Indonesia) and Budi Sudarsono (Indonesia) help their countries to achieve a good result in every game and to score a goal for their beloved country.

Timor Leste has their own national football heroes, Anggisiu Barbosa, Alfredo Esteves, Deamantino Leong, Jose Perreira, Emilio Da Silva, and Fernando Xavier. These entire players change Timor Leste football team, especially Anggisiu Barbosa, Alfredo and Jose Perreira. In 2008 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification, Barbosa and his team, Perreira made a draw with Cambodia, Scoring 2-2. This was a very positive result for Timor Leste and it opens a door to new hope for a chance to win a game in future. Let’s learn about our National Football heroes of Timor Leste.

Anggisiu Barbosa nickname “Captain Barbossa”, aggressive and skillful midfielder who have his own away to control the ball and tackle his opponent. He is very fast runner on the field. Captain Barbossa is hungry for more goals and wins for Timor Leste this year. Although he score only one goal for his country,  Barbosa was called a hero because he and his team mate, Jose Perreira made Timor Leste tied with Cambodia. Barbosa had promise to all Timorese and his country that he will perform the best and all –out in this a event.

Alfredo Esteves, a Portuguese football star have helped a lot for his country, Timor Leste. Not only in football that he helped but the people too.  Each year, when Esteves was called to the national football team, he always makes sure that his team will do better than the last year.  His performance is unbelievable, he guard and defense his team very well, even made a goal during 2008 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification. Alfredo Esteves had played a lot of football club in the world, USA, Portugal and Australia. Esteves is currently playing his third seasons in South Coast Wolves Football Club in Wollongong, Australia.

Deamantino Leong nickname “The Great Octopus of Timor Leste” who played in Dili Weste on FFTL-Digicel Cup. Leong have played in Timor Leste national football team for six years. Leong is one of the top Goalkeeper of Timor Leste. He has 12 caps playing in Timor Leste national football team. Leong had admired Gianluigi Buffon, an Italian Goalkeeper that saves a lot of goals. Leong have used Buffon’s method of Goalie but unfortunately he has not success using that method. Leong is 180 cm tall that can jump very high.  Leong has great hands to snatch the ball from his opponent.  Many of his team in Dili Weste calls him “The Great Octopus of Timor Leste” because he has amazing reflex and long arms.

Jose Perreira, is midfielder for Manatuto in FFTL-Digicel Cup. Perreira score penalty kick in 2008 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification during the match of Cambodia on 67 minutes of the game. The result of that game was tied.  Perreira have scored nine goals in Manatuto and he has 10 caps in his football club.

Emilio Da Silva nickname Milo, has the most goals in Timor Leste. Milo has scored three goals during 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualification with their opponent, Hong Kong.  The first leg of the competition, Milo scored two goals in lead. The result of that game was 2-3, Timor Leste loss to Hong Kong. Milo is one of the toughness Striker in his country, Timor Leste. In Bobonaro Football Club, he scored 4 goals during the match of Ainaro Football Club. Milo and Leong has 12 caps in Timor Leste national football team. “I’m ready to score a lot of goals during this 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification and I’m not scared with other opponent of the other teams” said Emilio “I think we could win Cambodia, Laos and Philippines”, he added.

Fernando Xavier has always love football since a young age. He played with the other kids in his village when he was growing up. Xavier was introduced to the world of football and Timor Leste in 2008 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification and later on he played in 2009 SEA Games. He played all the matches but didn’t score a goal. However, this year in his Football Club career playing for Baucau Football Club, he scored 13 goals at the end of the seasons. Timor Leste national football team and Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste has allowed Xavier to have his second chance to play for the national team. “This year, we have a lot of pressure from our people Timorese; they want us, the national team to go through the qualification round, I think as the best strikers in Baucau, I will make that promised” said Xavier. I feel confidence that our team and I will performance better, he added.

Will our heroes of National football of Timor Leste help the team to qualify to 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup and plus what can the other Timorese players from Australia do for our national football team?? Let’s find out during 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification in Laos.

From: Andy Williams (ASEAN Football Team News)


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