Timor Leste have called their Squad.

Timor Leste national football team and Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste had called their 30 squad players that will played in 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification in Laos. Most of the player are from  FFTL –Digicel Cup. Here are some of the players, Joaquim Leonel, Anggisiu Barbosa, Eusebio Almeida,Miguel Soares , Salvador Carlos, Vicente Ramos,Deamantino Leong,Emilio Riberiro,Helder Mota, Florencio Pereira, Efren Jeronimo,Seran Rogerio, and Cipriano Branco. Timor Leste had even call 12 players from abroad said General Sectary of FFTL, Amandio Sarmento. Here are the 12 players from abroad , Nahuel Arrarte (Australia) , Chris Nunes (Australia), Montenario Soares ( Australia), Michael Fiorenza (Australia), Ricky Cameirao (Australia), Alfredo Esteves (Australia), Americo Ximenes (Northern Ireland), Estanislau Li (Northern Ireland),  Sidonio Augosto de Jesus (New Zealand), Torres Vidigal Kohemane (Malaysia), Diogenes Zanini (Brazil) and Jao Rodrigues Pereira (Indonesia). Out of 30 players was called, only 22 will be going to Laos Said Sarmento. “These players will follow a tranining center for physically and discipline and mentality for two weeks in the F-FDTL Academic Metinaro” Explained Amandio. All of these players are ready to defend and win for Timor Leste in 2010 AFF Suzuki Qualification in Laos.

In 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification, Laos; Timor Leste will face a host of Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, and Brunei Darussalam. The game itself will be held at 22 until October 30, 2010.
In AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 in Cambodia, Timor Leste despite playing well, but failed to carry his team to qualify for the final. In four games played, Timor Leste is only able to reach a value as you hold the 2-2 draw with host Cambodia, then lost 0-1 from the Philippines, Laos and 1-2 from 1-4 from Brune Darussalam.

Local players from FFTL – Digicel Cup 2010

Joaquim Leonel

Anggisiu Barbosa

Eusebio Almeida

Miguel Soares

Salvador Carlos

Vicente Ramos

Deamantino Leong

Emilio Riberiro

Helder Mota

Florencio Pereira

Efren Jeronimo

Seran Rogerio

Cipriano Branco

Aboard players that was called

Nahuel Arrarte (Australia)

Chris Nunes (Australia)

Montenario Soares (Australia)

Michael Fiorenza (Australia)

Ricky Cameirao (Australia)

Alfredo Esteves (Australia)

Americo Ximenes (Northern Ireland)

Estanislau Li (Northern Ireland)

Sidonio Augosto de Jesus (New Zealand)

Torres Vidigal Kohemane (Malaysia)

Diogenes Zanini (Brazil)

Jao Rodrigues Pereira (Indonesia)

From Andy Williams ( ASEAN Football News) and  Gantry Meilana ( Suara Timor Lorosae)


4 Responses to “Timor Leste have called their Squad.”

  1. Estanislau li Says:

    Can’t believe it, im have been called by the national team

  2. Montenario Soares Says:

    Im excited to play for Timor Leste next year viva Timor Leste.

  3. kampaksteelers Says:

    hello welcome timor leste to duel match footballl team indonesia 🙂

  4. YM Invisible Detector Says:


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