Sergio Van Dijk will be Indonesian next player.

Sergio Van Dijk naturalization efforts as national team players not only – the eyes of a program in achieving instant PSSI. However, this is one of many alternative ways to be conducted by the PSSI in building the strength to back up the national team in Asian football arena.

Chairman of the National Team, Faith Arif, affirm, that principle is taken is to try the best. So, this is not the only effort made by the PSSI.

“Related Sergio Van Dijk, it is for short-term target. Within two to three years ahead, I’m sure the effect will be very significant for the national team. ”

“Me and coach Alfred Riedl has agreed that we would do a lot of alternative ways to form a national team, including finding players who not only live in Indonesia,” Iman said Arif had just returned from Europe to make approaches to some of the players of Indonesian descent.

Besides Sergio Van Dijk, PSSI will also do the same approach to players other Indonesian dengue, particularly those still under the age of 21 years of age. This is part of a long-term program.

“Of the many names that we now get, not necessarily all of them deserve to be coach. Several names are worthy of our players who combine training in Uruguay as well as players in domestic competitions, “explained Faith Arif.

PSSI General Secretary Nugraha Besoes also reinforce the opinions of Faith Arif. “Do not forget the coaching PSSI interpreted domestically. But, this is an initial effort to form a formidable national team in addition to the program – other long-term program, “said Nugraha Besoes.

Next September, PSSI will cooperate with the Dutch KNVB to recruit the players of Indonesian descent in the Netherlands. After their data disorir by the KNVB and PSSI, there will be a special team to monitor them directly in the Netherlands. The plan, the team consists of the Chairman of BTN, PSSI secretary general, national team coach and team talent Scouting.

This an opportunity for those Indonesian that live outside of  Indonesia to play in Indonesia national Team so that Indonesia could Improve.


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