Timor Leste new coach

The Timor Leste had found their first international coach from Brazil. His name is Clodoaldo Taveres de Santana, best known as Clodoaldo. A former Brazilian player that play in Brazil in 1969 to 1974. Clodoaldo is one of the most agile players and best dribblers ever. This is his first time coaching for Timor Leste. The Federacao de Futebol de Timor Leste had sign five year contract with the new coach, Clodoaldo. Clodoaldo will do his best to help Timor Leste qualify in 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup. Furthermore, he said that Timor Leste need a lot of work and improvement. And the players are not used to play in a lot international friendly match. Therefore, he ask FFTL to have at least  one or two friendly match before they go to 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup Qualification, which held in Laos. The 60 years -old Clodoaldo  is going to Timor Leste on August 7,2010. There, he would meet the players and the official of FFTL. Futhermore, the Federacao de Futebol de Timor had Stated that the training will begin in middle August to end of September.

From Thomas Richard ( Darwin Post)


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