Young Singaporean reject to be Timor Leste Football team

A  Young Singaporean was asked to played football in Timor Leste, but later he rejected the offer. This Young Singaporean, Name Muhd  Haneef , a ITE Student of Engineer. He said this offer was too much and beside he doesn’t want to leave his beloved Singapore. Furthermore,  Federaca de Futebol de Timor Leste will not pay his airfare.  Haneef know this must be all lie but as soon he read all the whole email, this was true.  Many of his friends support him to play in Timor Leste but Haneef didn’t want to.  He believed that education come first after soccer. The funny part, Haneef was not fit enough to play in soccer team. His statement said that “He was too fat, don’t want to be in the long training and not able to do a lot of push up” The FFTL is ok with this rejection.

From Matthew Hall, (SBS sport)


One Response to “Young Singaporean reject to be Timor Leste Football team”

  1. andy1890 Says:

    If you to make comment on Haneef, please find him at Facebook; Muhd Haneef !!!!!

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